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Tamparuli Sabah - A place to visit

Tamparuli Sabah was known as an old town rich with cultural value and fascinating places. The town located in the middle of Tuaran District, 36KM from the main city of Kota Kinabalu, easy to be found and a lot of surprises waiting for the visitors. The visitor will be fascinated with The Extreme Para Gliding Sport, The legendary of “Bukit Perahu”, Hatob-hatob Waterfall, Hanging Bridge and The Old Suspension Bridge Made by the British in the early 50s, The one and only "The Upside House Of Borneo" and Chantek Borneo Gallery if you visit Tamparuli Sabah. ( Please read more inside this website). For local tourist who likes to travel outside Malaysia, you can e-mail to D7tours and Travel Co through For International tourist who wish to visit Sabah The Land Below The Wind, you can e-mail or call to our correspondent travel agency:

D7-TRAVEL AND TOURS-Registered Travel and Tours Co
H/p: 016-8121702


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Harry George

Daphne Iking Remarries Again

Daphne Iking

An idol from Sabah and really adored by the Tamparulian married again. This so call celebrity from Sandakan Sabah is really famous with recent controversy regarding to her life. No matter what is going on about this artist we are happy for her and hopefully she will glint in her entertainment career... good luck Daphne Iking.

More Story please click the link above.

Story By: Harry George
Picture: Google Images
Sources: Sabah Todays, Related Blog and Daily Express Sabah News. 

RM20,000 Per Month - Blog Income

Kenny Sia Blogging Income....

I was so amaze when I read my friends blog, Mr Ben Godomon, title of Kenny Sia earn about RM20k Per Month while making blog. I wonder that maybe this man put a lot of advertisement and affiliate program but the truth is, he is offering a space on his blog to be rent by interested Individual. This man also make very update and sophisticated article in his blog. An advise for the novice blogger out there, make sure that you article is cover by powerful keywords where by this keywords is a user friendly to Google Search Engine. A good blog contain with truth information and very resourceful. Hopefully I can achieve what Kenny Sia and Ben Godomon have achieved some day. Below is the paste article from Ben Godomon at tags Kenny Sia makes up to RM20,000 per month from blogging

More Reading..............

Kenny Sia makes up to RM20,000 Per month from Blogging

Written on February 18, 2011 – 1:18 pm | by pinolobu |
William Lee, in his February 2010 article mentioned that Kenny Sia, a popular Malaysian blogger has been blogging for 5 years.

However, the traffic his blog gets seems to be steadily dropping. If I remember correctly, he was getting more than 10,000 unique visitors per day some years ago. Checking his public sitemeter just now, which shows his site’s traffic trend in the last 12 months, he was averaging around 9,000 uniques per day in March 2010, but it’s all downhill after that, and now stands at around 3,600 uniques per day.

Why? Too many paid posts?

A primary blogger for Nuffnang, he gets requests to do a lot of advertorials (sponsored blog post), which reputedly earns him “almost RM2,000″ per post, which you can identify with the letters “ADV” at the beginning of his paid posts.

Lee estimates that Sia can get anywhere between RM10,000 and RM20,000 per month from the paid posts and income from selling advertisement space on his site.

Story Arrangement: Harry George
Picture:, and Ben Godomon

Johor Bahru City, Malaysia

Part 3, Inside Johor Bahru Malaysia.

Here I published some of the best photo to be shared among your guy out there and especially for the Tamparulian who intend to travel here at Johor Bahru. left picture is a walkaway of pedestrian bridge connecting JB Central and City Square Shopping Complex. JB Sentral is a one stop station to all major city in Peninsular Of Malaysia and Singapore. An advise to all Tamparulian and Sabahan, you can travel using KTM to other major city in Peninsular Of Malaysia. From JB Sentral you can travel to Singapore and enjoy the cleanest city in South East Asia.

City Square Shopping Mall, Johor Bahru.

Inside City Square Shopping Complex at JB
Remember to do window shopping inside the City Square Shopping Mall. This shopping mall is the best in Johor Bahru beside Danga City Shopping Mall, Jusco, Landmark and UO Store. Usually this shopping mall is full and little crowded with people and most of them is Chinese. You can buy a lot of things at the third floor and the name of the outlets is Inner City Shop. You can buy cheap shoes here, bags, cloths and souvenir to be brought back to your hometown in Sabah.   
Inside City Square Shopping Complex, JB

A Passage Walk at Legaran Seggei to Indian Street beside Hindu Temple.

The Visitor can rest here for a while and watch the fish moving around. Beside this area you can buy a lot of product where you can see array of stall selling everything you wish for. Be very careful of the "pick pocket" around here. Actually you do not have to worry because there is a police post there but precaution is better than cure. An advise to you all be very careful.

Legaran Seggei at Place to relex your eye and feet.

View Of Merlin Tower, Johor Baharu Malaysia.

 Left picture is a view from the Indian Street where the Merlin Tower standing glorious from the eye of the traveler who love to take picture as their memorable memory. Beside this Tower you can enjoy the variety of Chinese Restaurant selling variety of foods. This is for non muslin only. The price is reasonable and really tasty and the taste is more likely at Chinese Restaurant in Sabah. Highly recommended restaurant is Snow White Chinese Restaurant. Enjoy....guys

Indian Street.

This Indian Street is just like the Petaling Street in KL and Gaya Street at Kota Kinabalu Sabah. You can find a lot of things and mostly the product is more to Indian goods. Beside this street is the Bazzar that is open daily from 6 Pm to 12 Midnight. The goods sold here can be bargain and try to negotiate wisely and do not to demanded. Please walk in a group of friends so that you cannot be bully by the saler there. From here you can see the Sultan Ismail Building Tower but for this article I did not have enough time to walk around there and hopefully next time I can visit there.

                                                            Map Of Johor Bahru City.

Above picture is an array of Indian Stall selling variety types of goods.

A walkaway to Sultan Ismail Building and UO Store Shopping Complex.

                                                                     UO Store

Inside the UO Store Shopping Complex.

Inside UO Store Shopping Complex.

I'm Very sorry for the picture quality. I forget to bring my digital camera that day and hopefully next time I will published more and quality picture. Please find cheap and safe hotel if you like to stay at Johor Bahru. You will took about 40 minutes to walk around Johor Baharu for visiting all of this shopping mall. Actually this town is really crowded with people and really hot. For your convenience please visit the Bazaar, Landmark, City Square and UW store. If you like to visit Danga City Mall and Jusco, you need to travel by taxi for more convenience and cost you about RM6 only. Do visit JB from January to April only because during this time this city is not crowded with people. See you here at JB and enjoy your visit here. Thanks for reading and see you at my final article about Johor Baharu next time. 

Story Arrangement By: Harry George
Picture: Harry George
Sources: Own Experience

How To Create Human Being

Developing Our Future Generation

Human Being... Is it enough to have good Intellect rather than low percent of spiritual in our daily life? Human Being is the most important figure in this world and an asset that really can contribute a better world without war and other that thing that can jeopardize our daily life. This article is about " How to create a Human Being and not just a ordinary Human". People may different among each other based on their Intellect, emotion, spiritual belief, physical and social lives. In order to create Human Being we must start from the beginning... starting from primary school to secondary school and lastly tertiary education. During Primary School, kids is tends to follow a lot from his or her teacher, Secondary School is more to his/her friends and at Tertiary is more to self defendant and own idea. Is it hard to create Human Being without giving proper education and this responsibility is fall on the shoulder of the parents and teacher. Kids need to be given good knowledge in Religion so that they may not fell to the hand of evils that approve everything which is bad from the perspective view of our society.

We need to have good seed of people that can contribute to our future and this responsibility is fall on our hands and now is the right time to develop them into good Human Being in the future. Human Being need to have good mind set that is more to goodness rater than to have evil idea. Human Being may tend to become a criminal if they are not educated properly. Like a wise man talks " Melentur Buluh Biar Dari Rebungnya " or in English word, they must be educated from the beginning. For the Tamparulian elder it is the right time to develop your children to become good person or we never know that they may become our next leader and hopefully they will become good leader with 110% commitment to the society. My planning is to become a good politician and leader in few year time so that we can change the system to create a better world. Lastly it    
is our responsibility to create a good citizen and human being. Carry on to do good thing and God will appreciate you. Thanks and please read more.....................

List of Human Qualities:


One of the most important of all human qualities is sympathy. Right from our school days, we are taught to be sympathetic towards. Sympathy for others would mean sharing one’s feeling of sorrow. Being sympathetic towards a person in difficult time would help to lend that emotional support needed in that period. A sympathetic word or a kind act will help a person to build courage, which will go a long way.


Having empathy for others is a great human quality you can have. Showing empathy towards a person would require you to be open minded and compassionate enough to experience the pain of what somebody else is going through. To instill this quality in you, you would need to let go of your own selfish needs and pay attention to someone else’s suffering as if it were your own. This great human quality would help you to establish a deeper connection with people who really need your love and support.


To love someone is to trust someone. Trust people you love more openly and watch the difference in your life! The more you develop the ability to trust people, the more complete you would feel! Having faith in a person and building up the trust between people would surely give a whole new meaning to one’s life. Often in this rat race, we lose our ability to trust people for our own personal fears.


To be a good human being you would also need to have your sense of morality intact. However, this is yet another quality which is often forgotten in our daily lives. To have the quality of morality would make you capable of distinguishing between what is good and evil. It is about practicing the right ethics in your personal as well as professional life. Having your sense of ethics intact would always make you a more responsible human being.

Sense of Humility:
To be humble is a virtue and knowing about this fine human quality and practicing the same in your everyday life would help you to reach a sense of fulfillment. Humility means being humble towards others no matter the proportions of your wealth or your achievements. A humble person is known by the greatness of his/her acts in helping people rather than harping about materialistic achievements in life.


To forgive someone’s mistake would take a lot of courage and open mindedness from your side. Forgiveness towards others for theirs selfish and hurtful acts, which may have disturbed you, is a very fine human quality one can have. To forgive such people would give you complete peace of mind instead of nurturing ill feelings towards that particular person. Besides, if a person would ask for forgiveness, it would always be better to forgive a person to keep you happy from within.

Above all, compassion towards each other is essentially needed if you wish to be known as a ‘human being’! Compassion for others would only get you more love in return. Love is what would make our life complete and create stronger bonds between family and friends. If you practice having all these qualities in you, chances are, you would always be known as a good human being wherever you go!

Story Arrangement By: Harry George
Sources: Related Blogs and Own Idea
Picture: Google Images

Inside Johor, Malaysia - Part 2

Stadium Larkin, Johor Baharu

A brand new look of Stadium Larkin Johor Baharu, where the soccer fan of football and the soccer player playing their very best to beat each other team. I'm a big fan of Sabah Football FC and really edger to see my home country play against Johor FC. Stadium Larkin is situated and located about 10km from Johor Baharu and near to Bus Station Larkin. So if you are a Tamparulian guy living in Johor Baharu do visit the Stadium for fantastic match between our beloved country of Sabah and Johor FC. I will be living here at Larkin for the past 1 year and hopefully I can watch a big and fantastic game between Johor FC and Sabah FC. A lone guy like me living in a places which is totally different from my home town at Tamparuli make myself so blur when I first reach here. But I really amaze with this Stadium, compare with Stadium Likas the facilities is far more better. Furthermore I like Stadium Likas more compare to this Stadium.

Below is the Map of Stadium Larkin address, Just click it and you will be directed to it

More story about Stadium Larkin you can log on to this recommended blogspot and hopefully you will get more information about this Stadium. Please click here: Good Luck and I will see you at my new article soon.

Story Arrangement: Harry George
Picture: Google Images

Sabahan Gangster

Gangster gather at WP Labuan... Are they Sabahan or Not?

Gangster gather at WP Labuan... Are they Sabahan or Not?

Letter from Peruncit Labuan Member entitled 'Who Protect Prostitution And Gambling In Labuan'? create drastic people's attention in Labuan, including me, and I hope that Tan Sri Ismail Omar (IGP), Datuk Hamzah Taib (PJP Sabah) and Datuk Hishamudin Tun Hussein to take action promptly on the complaint.
Labuan is a small island of just over 80,000 people and impossible for authorities such as Police, Immigration and Labuan Corporation can not curb the activities 'Licensed Prostitution and Illegal Gambling' is rampant here to embarrass the government.

If even this small island can not be controlled, how do want to control all of Kota Kinabalu and Sabah? Labuan is getting out of control if all of the existing police officers does not ditugar soon as they are included in the 'payroll' 'Mafia' who masterminded the crime activities in Labuan.
Labuan is now a focus of 'Gangster' of the Sarawak police are required to Bukit Aman.They know many of the Peninsular and Sabah police would be sent to Sarawak to keep the elections next month.

Suspects often seen in the town of Jati, and at night they are at Havana karaoke, Tip Top, Blue Wave, Manila Cafe or in a store Snooker, Soon Hin on the Road Development Authority (level 1).

Snooker Centre is located on the ground floor but the floor of the casino and used MINI has been in operation for years and without raided by local authorities.

 know? If the authorities do not know how to carry out the task, the better the Army and the Real by giving them full powers to combat all illegal activities on the island. If the public can know the activity, why local authorities do not We regret that every time people apply for a license or change Labuan address of business premises in Labuan Corporation (Licensing Unit) will take many months, but is otherwise illegal activity to operate machines in the shop without a license and operate in the middle of town, but no action taken .

Enforcement is impossible if the Labuan Corporation are not aware of this illegal activity because many customers are Gambling Center senior government officials.

In addition the Immigration Department has granted 'slut' is employed as a GRO at the Entertainment Centre with the abuse of temporary employment visit pass them as a restaurant server or Maid.

Nobody knows how many collections a month from the Human Smuggling and Trafficking Syndicate People of this activity, but generally only a few are aware of the levy paid RM2, 200 to the Immigration Department, while the remainder work illegally.

There are over 44 Entertainment Center in Labuan supplied with 'whore' of the two syndicates Pemerdangan Karaoke People who use Havana as a 'outlet' marketing 'whore' to other recreation centers without any interference from the authorities.

The name of syndicate boss and police officers involved will be disclosed later, we provide an opportunity for the Inspector General to monitor illegal activity on the island was increasingly critical of this, especially the activities of Illegal Gambling and prostitution are social problems that lead to family splitting up; increased crime and loan sharks.

We also asked whether the MACC perform their services with the authorities carrying out 'Integrated Ops' randomly in the center of entertainment and illegal gambling premises in Labuan to ensure that prostitution and gambling syndicate boss was arrested and taken to court because of the cultural practices of the authorities simply arrest' goats ', but let' boss goats.
Best regards,



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