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Tamparuli Sabah - A place to visit

Tamparuli Sabah was known as an old town rich with cultural value and fascinating places. The town located in the middle of Tuaran District, 36KM from the main city of Kota Kinabalu, easy to be found and a lot of surprises waiting for the visitors. The visitor will be fascinated with The Extreme Para Gliding Sport, The legendary of “Bukit Perahu”, Hatob-hatob Waterfall, Hanging Bridge and The Old Suspension Bridge Made by the British in the early 50s, The one and only "The Upside House Of Borneo" and Chantek Borneo Gallery if you visit Tamparuli Sabah. ( Please read more inside this website). For local tourist who likes to travel outside Malaysia, you can e-mail to D7tours and Travel Co through For International tourist who wish to visit Sabah The Land Below The Wind, you can e-mail or call to our correspondent travel agency:

D7-TRAVEL AND TOURS-Registered Travel and Tours Co
H/p: 016-8121702


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death stretches" and "black spots" in Sabah.

THERE are several "death stretches" and "black spots" in Sabah.

These are: Kota Kinabalu: Jalan Tuaran Bypass (KM0-15), Jalan Lintas Kepayan (KM9-22), Jalan Kota Kinabalu-Papar (KM8-20), Jalan Tuaran-Kota Belud (KM1-44), Jalan Coastal-Lok Kawi (KM1-20), Jalan UMS-Sulaman (KM5-31), Jalan Tuaran-Tamparuli (KM3-21)

Sandakan: Jalan Utara (KM0-11), Jalan Beluran/ Telupid (KM40-65), Jalan Beluran-Ranau (KM2-60)

Lahad Datu: Jalan Lahad Datu-Sandakan (KM28), Jalan Lahad Datu-Tawau (KM10-32), Jalan Kinabatangan-Lahad Datu (KM1-91), Jalan Lahad Datu-Kunak (KM10-23)

Keningau: Jalan Keningau-Tambunan (KM2-12), Jalan Keningau-Tenom (KM2-24)

Beaufort: Jalan Beaufort-Papar (KM1-21), Jalan Beaufort-Sipitang (KM1-27)

Kudat: Jalan Kudat-Kota Kinabalu (KM1-50), Jalan Kota Marudu-Pitas (KM1-7)

Labuan: Jalan Patau-Patau (KM1-5), Jalan Rancha-Rancha (KM2-6)

On other developments, Suhaili said the Prohibition Heavy Vehicle Order is not enforced.

He said that the RTD is making all efforts to ensure road fatality would be reduced during the festive season.

"The department also welcome any forms of constructive views and proposals for the department to improve and enhance the quality of its services," he said.

He said that the public could send their complaints regarding traffic offences or RTD staff integrity including queries or comments to,, or visit

Sources: JPJ Sabah and Daily Express
Picture: Google Image
Date: January 29, 2011

Inside Johor, Malaysia - Part 1

Johor Malaysia

Johor is one of the 13 States in Malaysia which is located at the Southern Peninsular Of Malaysia and near to The Republic Of Singapore. An advice to all Tamparulian who intended to travel to Johor, remember to stay at Johor Baharu which is the capital city of Johor. From there you can travel to plenty of beautiful places here in Johor. I will be staying at Larkin for the whole year - 2011 for an intensive training to enter Government Sector. Larkin town take 30 minutes travel from Senai Airport and 20 minutes from Johor Baharu by land transport such as Taxi and Buses. Here at Larkin, you will find the busiest bus station in Johor  that would take you to any places in Peninsular Of Malaysia. 

Transportation cost for Taxi from Senai Air Port to Johor Baharu is RM40 per way and RM20 for City Bus. At Larkin Town you can travel by taxi with a minimum charges ( RM8) and RM1.70 for City Bus No 24 to the capital city of Johor, JB . If you staying at JB you can stay at the lower and cheapest hotel scattered around JB Town. If you like to travel to Singapore, firstly you need to go to JB Central near City Square to Buy Ticket for MRT from JB Central. The best time to visit Singapore is at 10am and return from there at 4pm to avoid "Human Crowded Jamm" which I name it after I visit Singapore today. Please make sure your bring you passport with you always. If you do not have passport yet, please visit the nearest Imigresen Center at Mini Putrajaya, Kota Kinabalu near UMS for International Passport which cost you RM100 only. If you want to make it here, please go to Tampoi Johor. It's only take about two hours to make it and the charge is still the same. 

I cannot share with you the best tourism places in Johor yet but for my next article I will give you the best story about Tourism Places in Johor. Please take a map if you are a first timer at Johor and be very careful because the crime incident is frequently happen here. Watch for the fast moving vehicle and ask for direction if you lost. My next article is " Mersing White Beaches " and Thanks for supporting me for frequently visiting my blog. I will see you soon at my new article.

Story Arrangement By: Harry George
Sources: Own Experience
Pictures: Google Images

Rubbish woe at Tamparuli

Rubbish Dumping

The District Council has been urged to step up and resolve the unsightly rubbish problem at the so-called Tamparuli rubbish collection centre.

Sabah DAP Tuaran Chief Peter Liew Fui Ken and Tamparuli branch secretary Edwin Banau went to inspect the centre after receiving public complaints concerning the nature of the centre.

Also complaining were nearby shop owners who claimed had complained to the District Council but so far nothing had been done.

Liew said he could not understand how such a simple task of keeping the rubbish bin centre tidy and clean cannot be carried out accordingly by the district council.

He urged the council to immediately to step up its management and said the District Officer should call a meeting to this effect and personally go round to inspect the cleanliness of the whole district.

Sources: Daily Express News Paper
Date: 27 Jan 2011
Picture: google image

Rubbish woe at Tamparuli

Rubbish Dumping

The District Council has been urged to step up and resolve the unsightly rubbish problem at the so-called Tamparuli collection centre.

Sabah DAP Tuaran Chief Peter Liew Fui Ken and Tamparuli branch secretary Edwin Banau went to inspect the centre after receiving public complaints concerning the nature of the centre.

Also complaining were nearby shop owners who claimed had complained to the District Council but so far nothing had been done.

Liew said he could not understand how such a simple task of keeping the rubbish bin centre tidy and clean cannot be carried out accordingly by the district council.

He urged the council to immediately to step up its management and said the District Officer should call a meeting to this effect and personally go round to inspect the cleanliness of the whole district.

Sources: Daily Express

Remembering Our Heros - Petagas Memorial Park

Wreath Laying Ceremony Held at Petagas Memorial Park.

Petagas Memorial Park will be busy every 21st January for the memorial service that being officiate by the State Government Of Sabah, Police, Army and The Navy. Petagas Memorial Park located about 9KM form Kota Kinabalu City. The Memorial services was attend by The Chief minister Of Sabah, City Mayor and many More. Public are welcome to visit it daily. For the Tamparulian who like to visit it, you are free to do it and wish your have a wonderful time when you visit there. More Story Please Read Below:

Adpted From Wikimapia.

This memorial park was erected in memory of those who died while defending Sabah against the Japanese during the world war II. It is built on the very spot where 176 of the Guerillas were massacred on 21 January 1944.

The heart-wrenching sacrifice of the brave and the fallen are revered at the Petagas War Memorial. The memorial was built in remembrance of those who lost their lives defending Sabah during the Japanese occupation in World War II. The Memorial is located on the exact spot where 176 Sabahan guerillas were massacred on January 21st, 1944. 

Beautiful plaques are inscribed with the names of those who died, with well-kept lawns surrounding the area. Every year, a memorial service is held here on January 21st to commemorate those who fought and fell during the war.

Adapted From Sabah Tourism

Petagas War Memorial
Kota Kinabalu (Capital City)

The heart-wrenching sacrifice of the brave and the fallen are revered at the Petagas War Memorial. The memorial was built in remembrance of those who lost their lives defending Sabah during the Japanese occupation in World War II. The Memorial is located on the exact spot where 176 Sabahan guerillas were massacred on January 21st, 1944.

Beautiful plaques are inscribed with the names of those who died, with well-kept lawns surrounding the area. Every year, a memorial service is held here on January 21st to commemorate those who fought and fell during the war.

Getting There
A 15-minute taxi ride from the city centre will cost around RM17.00 per taxi. You can also take Bus No. 17B (headed in the direction of Putatan) from the bus station in front of the Wawasan Plaza shopping centre.

Inform the bus driver your destination and he will bring you to proper drop off point. Buses run between 6:30am to 8pm and fares are at RM2.00 per person.

Admission is free

Dewan Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu
(Kota Kinabalu City Hall)
Tel. no : +6088-521800
Fax : +6088-219175

Stroy Arrangement By: Harry George
Picture: Sabah Tourism
Sources: Sabah Tourism, Wikimapia, Sabah Times

Pesta Kaamatan 2011

Tuaran will be hosting " Harvest Festival " 2011 ( 29 April - 1st May 2011) Dewan Tun Hamdan Tamparuli Sabah

 Tuaran Town is located 11km form Tamparuli Sabah. District Of Tuaran will be hosting and the organizing district for the Harvest Festival in 2011. Tuaran will be celebrating the Pesta Kaamatan or Pesta Menuai or Harvest Festival in English on 30 and 31st May 2011. All local and foreign are invited to celebrate the KDM yearly celebration. This celebration is being celebrate as the thankfulness of the farmer after their finish harvesting their paddy and this traditional celebration was being continue from time to time for more than 300 years ago. Harvest Festival will be officially launch by Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan-Huguon Siou, TYT Datuk Seri Juhar and Datuk Seri Musa Hj Aman the Chief Minister Of Sabah. 

Tamparuli also will we be of one of the district in Tuaran to organize this celebration. The main program will be the competition of Harvest Festival Queen. This competition is to represent the Hominodun who sacrifice  herself for the good of the KDM people. The Details History of Harvest Festival... please read more at this article below.

Pesta Kaamatan - Harvest Festival

The Kaamatan festival is an annual event in the cultural life of the Kadazandusuns of Sabah since time immemorial. In its deepest sense, Kaamatan festival is a manifestation of Creator and Creation relationship, as well as Inter-Creations relationship. It embodies the principal acts of invocation of divinities, appeasing, purification and restoration, re-union of benevolent spirits, and thanksgiving to the Source of All. It is part of a complex wholesome Momolian religious system centered on the paddy rites of passage and the life cycle of Bambarayon - the in-dwelling spirit of paddy.Appeasing is done in respect of Bambarayon, Deities, Divinities and Spirits, who may have been hurt by human wrongful, acts. 

Purification is performed in respect of human and spiritual needs for forgiveness followed by resolutions to make themselves worthy of the gifts of life from God. Restoration in necessary to ensure the health and well being of SUNIL, mankind and other spiritual beings. Re-union is realised in respect of human needs to be integrated in body, mind and spirit within the concept of the seven-in-one divinity in humanity, as well as re-union of Bambarayon with human Sunduan. Finally Thanksgiving is observed as befitting for all creations to express their gratitude and appreciation for the gifts of life (through Huminodun) and all life supportive system on earth that their Creator lovingly and generously gave them.


The word Kaamatan is derived from the root word tomot, a Kadazandusun term for harvest. In the context of this article, Kaamatan refers to the paddy-harvesting period, which involves a series of traditional rituals culminating finally to the Kaamatan (harvest) festival. Tadau kaamatan is a cele bration for the people who celebrate tadau kaamatan.


The festival is observed in 6 rituals stages:The Kumogos CeremonyBefore a harvest begins, a Bobohizan/Bobolian (ritual specialist) will select and tie-up 7 stalks of the best rice from a plot of rice field. These stakes of rice will only be harvested after the particular plot of field has been completely harvested. The 7 stalks of rice will then be scattered all over the rice field. This gesture is to inform the other spirits who may be present among the rice field not to make any disturbance when the harvesting work is to commenced and each of them will be given something after the harvest.

The Kumotob Ceremony

From the area which has not yet been harvested to the Bobohizan/Bobolian will select 7 stalks of the best rice. The selected stalks are then tied up together and placed in a tadang (a type of basket for keeping rice). The rest of the rice in the field are then harvested and the rice are turned into seed for future planting season.

The Posisip Ceremony

The Bobohizan/Bobolian goes to a rice hut together with the 7 stalks of rice which is tied up and placed in the tadang. While reciting chants she takes out the bundle of rice stalks and insert them in a bamboo pole kept in the tangkob. The recital of the chants is to call the spirit of the rice to stay in the rice hut until the next planting season, i.e. when the rice spirits are called to the rice field again.

The Poihib Ceremony

In the rice hut the Bobohizan/Bobolian carefully pours the rice into the tangkob. This process is repeated for a number of times until all the rice has poured into the tangkob. The Bobohizan/Bobolian then recite chants appealing to the rice spirits to keep watch over the rice stored in the tangkob.

The Magavau Ceremony

This is the most important ceremony in the sequence of events of the harvest festival. This focuses in the restoration of Bambarayon as well as offering food to Bambarayon. In the olden days, the Magavau ritual is performed in the padi field on the night of the first full moon after the harvest. Nowadays, this ritual is carried out in the house of the owner of the field.

The Humabot Ceremony

This is the final stage of the observation of the harvest festival and is in the form of merry-making and entertainment. This ceremony is now celebrated at village, district and state levels annually (30 - 31 May). A variety of entertainment and activities in the form of dances and traditional sports are held and the climax of the event is the selection of the Unduk Ngadau (Harvest Festival Queen). The Unduk Ngadau symbolizes Huminodun, the sacrificed daughter of Kinorohingan. The rituals described above are typical of the Kadazan-Dusun of the Penampang-Papar area. Other dusunic groups, the murutic groups of the interior and the paitanic groups in the east have different rice harvest rituals. For example, the Lotud Dusun have a series of eight ceremonies - Mansalud, Monuras, Tumakau, Matang, Mongoi Rumali, Mogimpuun, Sumondod and Monumbui. The essence of this ceremony however is the same, that is of thanksgiving for a plentiful harvest.

Story Arrangement By: Harry George
Sources from: Wikipedia
Picture: Google Images

About The Author Of This Site

Mr Harry George 
Author of

Finally I reveal the real owner of this site. I, Harry George originally born at Kg Kionsom Baru Tamparuli and purely a Tamparulian guy. Got my early education at SK Pekan Tamparuli and Secondary School at SMK Tamparuli Sabah. Tertiary Education at UiTM Sabah, holds a Degree In Marketing and Diploma In Banking. Vast experience working in a private sector and focuses on the specific area such as an administrator, management, marketing and high level of position in various popular business organization in Sabah and Pennisular Of Malaysia.

My motto is helping the people and share everything that can give advantages to the public. My website is mainly for the Tamparulian but sometime I will write about the current issue in Sabah and Malaysia itself. My blog was intend to share about the beautifulness of Tamparuli, Kiulu, Tuaran and Sabah as a whole. I will continue writing about Tamparuli Sabah till the end of life and hopefully the Tamparulian, Sabahan, Malaysian and all the people in the world will share their idea through this website. Thanks to which continually giving me a lot support and everything that I need to make this blog look more wonderful and full with color. Credits to Fabian Jerome Linggam as my PA and Bodidie Mackley George as the Executive Director of Star Stream Group.

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Lokasi KLMU Sabah

Lokasi Kolej KLMU Sabah And New KLMU Sabah Mini Campus.

Lokasi Kolej KLMU Sabah, Menara MAA, Tingkat 4, Blok 6, Api-api Center, Kota Kinabalu Sabah. Kolej KLMU Sabah Campus dengan kerjasama dengan Cosmopoint Sabah menawarkan program-program baru seperti Sains Kesihatan, Hospitaliti Dan Perlancongan, Kejuruteraan IT dan Mekanikal dan Diploma Grafik Media. Program KLMU Sabah dengan Kerjasama Cosmopoint Sabah merupakan program yang bertaraf lima bintang dan sesuai untuk kehendak pasaran perkerjaan pada masa kini.


Cosmopoint / KLMU Kota Kinabalu Sabah
Menara MAA,
Tingkat 4, Lorong Api-api 1
Blok 6 Api-Api Center
88000 Kota Kinabalu Sabah.


Wisma Times, No.2, 1km Jalan Tuaran Bypass, 88450 Kota Kinabalu Sabah
Office: 088-260991
Fax: 088-250991

NoTel: 088-260991,Fax: 088-250991
Mr Alwie
H/p: 019-8097660

Sila Hubung Pegawai Bertugas Mr Alwie di talian H/p: 019-8097660 untuk pertanyaan lanjut.

Personal Loan and Credit Card

Do we need Personal Loan and Credit Card?

Nowadays people in the world is frequently using the Credit Card services whereby it can make business transaction more easier than before. People may not carry a large amount of money that can attract strangler to rob them by simply using the so call Credit Card. With just a glance of Plastic Card you can swipe at every outlet that is providing the credit term using Credit Card or in other word " Use First And Pay Later ". An advice to the Tamparulian, be very careful in using this Credit Card because 90% of the young Malaysian is in a Bankrupt situation whereby they use a lot of this Credit Card services. I wrote this article with my own idea and sources like local newspaper telling that many story of young Malaysian is Bankrupt because of Credit Card. Hopefully it can give good advice to the frequent readers of Tamparuli Sabah Website. Credit Cards have it's own advantages and disadvantages, make sure that you spend your money wisely. Don't go into the bankrupt situation because of wrongly using this type of services.

Many of the Tampaulian and the Sabahan have experience in using the Personal Loan. Even a rich man is using this type of services which can help them to boost their capability in doing business. Credit Cards and Personal Loan is in a same concept whereby use first and pay later with a large interest and the interest is keep on increasing if you do not pay the loan on time. Credit Card and Personal Loan is a profitable business and if I have a chance I will venture into this business to get more profit from it. What about the people using this services? I'm a businessman and I do not think about their charity because I'm focusing on my business.. well my thinking is also the same with this businessman doing this Personal Loan. If you really need instant money please go a legal money lending company such as Bank and not simply going to a loan shark call "along" by the locals at Tamparuli and Sabah itself. Personal Loan will not effect us if we can pay on time and regularly but it may cost you if your income is exceeding your expenses and you do not have enough money to pay for it.

A little advice to Tamparulian "Spend your income wisely". We need Personal Loan and Credit Card but be very careful in using it. Good luck in saving your money and please do not use "loan Shark Service Anymore". We must band all the Loan Shark at Tamparuli Sabah and report them to the authority. Thanks for reading and hopefully we will meet again soon at my new article.

Story arrangement by: Harry George
Sources: Own Idea and Local Newspaper
Picture: Google Images.

Band Of Brothers'

Band Of Brothers' Inspiration Dick Winter Dies at 92

 Band Of Brothers' is one of the TV miniseries that I really like to watch. Band Of Brothers' is stroy of the young American Airbone soldier who fight against the Nazi in Europe during the WW2. This band of soldier fight the Nazi from Normandy, France to Berlin, Germany home to the Third Reich Adolf Hitler. Band Of Brothers' Miniseries produce by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg. My father was a soldier serve in the Malaysian RMD Regiment Company D, 1965-1976 and this is one of the reason that I really like to watch Combat Movie. It gave me an Inspiration about how to become a good man and hero for the country. My ambition is to become an army officer but I did not have any luck to join the force but I manage to get a good job in life where my friends always say " During Peace Time I'm A Teacher But During War Time I'm A Soldier ". I'm sad to read the Daily Express Newspaper yesterday ( 12/01/2011 ) in People and Pages Column that Major (Ret) Richard "Dick" Winter dies at the age of 92 last week. May his soul Rest In Peace ..Amen

The Details Story about Dick Winter. Adapted from his Official Website and Wikipedia.

Welcome to the Official Major Dick Winters Website : Click Here to be redirected to Official Website.

Left: Picture Taken 2004
Graphics Illustration 

We are a group of people who have an abundance of respect for Major Dick Winters and his men's heroic deeds during World War II.  We are also advocates for his upgrade to the highest military service award, the Congressional Medal of Honor, for his actions during D-Day in Normandy, 6 June 1944. 

Please help Major Richard D. Winters (ret.) receive the Medal of Honor that he and his men deserve, earned, and were nominated for during World War II.  You can do this by contacting your U.S. Senator and Representative and encouraging them to vote for the current initiative, H.R. 796.  Click the links below to find a list of U.S. Senators and Representatives for your congressional district. 


The Congressional Medal of Honor is the highest award for valor in action against an enemy force which can be bestowed upon an individual serving in the Armed Services of the United States. 

Major Richard "Dick" D.Winter

Major Richard "Dick" D. Winters (January 21, 1918 - January 2, 2011) was a United States Army officer and decorated war veteran. He commanded Company "E", 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division, during World War II.
Winters parachuted into Normandy in the early hours of D-Day, and fought across France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and eventually into Germany. Later in the war, Winters rose to command the 2nd Battalion. Following the end of hostilities Winters was discharged from the army and returned to civilian life, working in New Jersey.

In 1951, during the Korean War, Winters was recalled to the Army from the inactive list and briefly served as a regimental planning and training officer on staff at Fort Dix, New Jersey. Although issued orders for deployment, he was not sent to Korea. After his discharge he worked at a few different jobs before founding his own company and selling farming products.

Winters was featured in a number of books and was portrayed in the 2001 HBO mini-series Band of Brothers by Damian Lewis. He was a regular guest lecturer at the United States Military Academy at West Point. He retired in 1997.


Richard Winters was born in Ephrata, Pennsylvania to Richard and Edith Winters on January 21, 1918. He moved to nearby Lancaster when he was eight years old. He graduated from Lancaster Boys High School in 1937 and matriculated to Franklin and Marshall College.
While in college, Winters worked a number of jobs, including mowing lawns, working in a grocery store and painting electrical towers in order to pay for his tuition. In June 1941 he graduated with a degree in business.

Military Services

World War II
Winters enlisted in the army on August 25, 1941, in order to shorten his time in service.[4] In September he underwent basic training at Camp Croft, South Carolina. Afterwards he remained at Camp Croft to help train draftees and other volunteers, while the rest of his battalion was deployed to Panama. In April 1942 he was selected to attend Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning, Georgia.[6] It was there he met his friend Lewis Nixon, with whom he would serve throughout the war in the 101st Airborne Division. He was commissioned as a second lieutenant after graduation from OCS on July 2, 1942.

During the course of his officer training, Winters reached the decision that he wanted to join the parachute infantry. Upon completing training he returned to Camp Croft to train another draft as there were no positions available in the paratroopers at that time. After five weeks he received orders to join the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment at Camp Toccoa (formerly Camp Toombs) in Georgia.

He arrived at Toccoa in mid-August 1942 and was assigned to Company E, 2nd Battalion, 506th PIR, serving under First Lieutenant (later Captain) Herbert Sobel. Company E was also known as "Easy Company" per the contemporaneous Joint Army/Navy Phonetic Alphabet. Initially he served as a platoon leader in charge of 2nd Platoon, but later, in October 1942, he was promoted to first lieutenant and became the acting company executive officer (XO), although this was not made official until May 1943. The 506th PIR was an experimental unit, being the first regiment to undertake airborne training as a formed unit. As many of the men had very little previous military experience the training at Toccoa was necessarily very tough and as a consequence there was a high level of personnel wastage. Indeed, of the 500 officers who had volunteered only 148 successfully completed the course. The enlisted men had it equally tough, with only 1,800 men being selected out of 5,300 volunteers.

On June 10, 1943, the 506th PIR was officially attached to the 101st Airborne Division. Later in the year they embarked on the Samaria bound for England, arriving there on September 15, 1943, and disembarking in Liverpool. They then proceeded to Aldbourne, in Wiltshire where they began an intense training program designed to make the regiment ready for the invasion of Europe that was planned for 1944.

It was while Easy Company was based at Aldbourne that the tension and competition that had been brewing between Winters and Sobel came to a head in November–December 1943. Winters had privately held concerns over Sobel's ability to lead the company in combat for some time before this and many of the enlisted men in the company had come to respect Winters for his competence and had also developed their own concerns about Sobel's leadership. For his own part, Winters has stated that he never wanted to compete with Sobel for command of Easy Company. However, the situation became out of hand when Sobel attempted to bring Winters up on charges for failure to carry out a lawful order. Feeling that his punishment was unjust, Winters requested that the charge be tried by court martial. When Winters' punishment was set aside by the battalion commander, Sobel proceeded to charge Winters with another, separate charge the following day. While the investigation was being undertaken, Winters was moved out of the company and transferred to the headquarters company and appointed as the battalion mess officer.

Following this, although Winters tried to talk them out of it, a number of the company's noncommissioned officers (NCOs) gave the regimental commander, Colonel Robert Sink, an ultimatum: either Sobel be replaced, or they would hand back their stripes. Sink was not impressed and a number of the NCOs were subsequently demoted and transferred out of the company. Nevertheless, he realized that something had to be done about the situation and decided that Sobel had to be replaced. Sobel was transferred out of the unit and given command of a newly formed parachute training school. Winters' court martial was then set aside and he returned to Easy Company as platoon leader of 1st Platoon. Despite their personality clash, Winters later stated that he felt that at least part of Easy Company's success had been due to the training that Sobel had put them through and the way he had built the team. In February 1944, First Lieutenant Thomas Meehan III was given command of Easy Company.

Meehan remained in command of the company until the Normandy invasion, when at approximately 1:15 a.m. on June 6, 1944, the C-47 Skytrain transport that the company headquarters section were in was shot down by German anti-aircraft fire, killing everyone on board. Winters jumped that night and landed safely near Sainte-Mère-Église. After having lost his weapon during the drop, he was able to orient himself, collect several paratroopers, including members of the 82nd Airborne, and proceed toward the unit's assigned objective near Sainte-Marie-du-Mont. Without knowing the fate of Lieutenant Meehan, Winters became the acting commanding officer of Easy Company for the duration of the Normandy campaign.

Later that day, Winters led an attack that destroyed a battery of German 105 mm howitzers which were firing onto the causeways that served as the principal exits from Utah Beach.[30] The guns were defended by approximately one platoon of fifty German troops, while Winters had only thirteen men. This action south of the village of Le Grand-Chemin is often referred to as the Brécourt Manor Assault. The attack is still taught at the military academy at West Point as an example of a textbook assault on a fixed position. In addition to destroying the battery, Winters also obtained a map detailing all German defenses in the Utah Beach area.

On July 1, 1944, Winters received notification that he had been promoted to captain.The following day he was presented with the Distinguished Service Cross by General Omar N. Bradley, who was then the commanding officer of the First Army. Shortly thereafter the 506th was withdrawn from France and returned to Aldbourne in England for reorganization.

In September 1944, the 506th PIR took part in Operation Market Garden, an airborne operation in the Netherlands. On October 5, 1944, a strong German force launched an attack on the 2nd Battalion's flank, and threatened to effect a breakthrough of the American lines. At the same time, a patrol from Easy Company was contacted and all four men were wounded. Returning to the headquarters, they reported that they had encountered a large group of Germans at a crossroads about 1,300 yards (1,200 m) to the east of the company command post. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, Winters took one squad from 1st Platoon, and moved off toward the crossroads, where they observed a German machine gun firing away to the south, toward the battalion headquarters. After conducting a reconnaissance of the position, Winters then proceeded to lead the squad in an assault on the gun crew.[36] Soon after they had taken the position, the squad began taking fire from a German position opposite them. Estimating that this position was held by at least a platoon-sized element, Winters called for reinforcements from the rest of the 1st Platoon, and then proceeded to lead them in an assault. Later it was discovered that they had in fact been up against a force of at least 300 men.

Shortly after this incident, on October 9, Winters became the battalion XO. Although this position was normally a major's billet, Winters filled it while still a captain.

On December 16, 1944, the Germans launched a counter-offensive against the Western Allies in Belgium. After the 101st Airborne was moved by truck to the Bastogne area on December 18. Still serving as XO of the 2nd Battalion, Winters took part in the defense of the line northeast of Bastogne near the town of Foy during what became known as the Battle of the Bulge. The entire 101st Airborne and elements of the 10th Armored Division held off a force of about fifteen German divisions, supported by heavy artillery and armor, for nearly a week before elements of the U.S. Third Army broke through the German lines surrounding Bastogne.

After being relieved, the 2nd Battalion carried out an attack on Foy on January 9, 1945. On March 8, 1945, following the 2nd Battalion's move to Haguenau, Winters was promoted to major and shortly afterward he was made acting battalion commander of 2nd Battalion, when Lieutenant Colonel Strayer was elevated to the regimental staff. As it turned out, 2nd Battalion saw little combat after this.

In April the battalion carried out defensive duties along the Rhine, before deploying to Bavaria later in the month. In early May the 101st Airborne Division received orders to capture Berchtesgaden. The 2nd Battalion set out from Thalham, Germany, and forcing its way through streams of surrendering German soldiers, led the way to the alpine retreat, reaching the town at noon on May 5, 1945. They were still there when the war ended three days later on May 8, 1945.

After the end of hostilities Winters remained in Europe as the process of occupation and demobilization began. Even though he had enough points to return to the United States, he was told that he was needed. Later, he was offered a Regular commission, but declined it. He finally embarked from Marseilles aboard the Wooster Victory on November 4, 1945. He was separated from the Army on November 29, 1945 although he was not officially discharged until January 22, 1946 and he remained on terminal leave until then.

Winters was recommended for the Medal of Honor for his leadership at Brécourt Manor, but due to the quota system which limited the distribution of the award to only one per division, and since one Medal of Honor had already been awarded—to Lieutenant Colonel Robert G. Cole—the recommendation was downgraded to the Distinguished Service Cross, the U.S. Army's second highest award for combat valor. After the release of the Band of Brothers television miniseries, a letter-writing campaign to have Winters awarded the Medal of Honor retroactively was started, but so far without success. Currently, Rep. Tim Holden (D-PA) has introduced HR 3121 (111th) "To authorize and request the President to award the Medal of Honor to Richard D. Winters, of Hershey, Pennsylvania, for acts of valor on June 6, 1944, in Normandy, France, while an officer in the 101st Airborne Division." The bill currently has been referred to the House Armed Services Committee and the House Armed Services Committee, Subcommittee on Military Personnel.


Later years and death

He was discharged from the army and became a production supervisor at an adhesive plaster mill in New Brunswick, New Jersey. In 1951 he and his wife Ethel bought a small farm where later Winters built their farmhouse and together they raised two children. In 1972 he went in to business for himself, starting his own company and selling animal feed products to farmers throughout Pennsylvania. Soon afterward, he moved his family to Hershey, Pennsylvania.He finally retired in 1997.

During the 1990s Winters featured in a number of books and television series about his experiences and those of the men in Easy Company. In 1992, Stephen Ambrose wrote the book Band of Brothers: Easy Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne from Normandy to Hitler's Eagle's Nest, which was subsequently turned into an HBO miniseries Band of Brothers. Winters was also the subject of the 2005 book Biggest Brother: The Life of Major Dick Winters, The Man Who Led the Band of Brothers, written by Larry Alexander. His own memoir, Beyond Band of Brothers: The War Memoirs of Major Dick Winters, co-written by military historian and retired U.S. Army Colonel Cole C. Kingseed, was published in early 2006. He also gave a number of lectures on leadership to cadets at the United States Military Academy at West Point.

On May 16, 2009, Franklin and Marshall College conferred an Honorary Doctorate in Humane Letters upon Winters. Despite the many accolades he had received, Winters remained humble about his service. During the interview segment of the miniseries Band of Brothers, Winters quoted a passage from a letter he received from Sergeant Mike Ranney, "I cherish the memories of a question my grandson asked me the other day when he said, 'Grandpa, were you a hero in the war?' Grandpa said 'No… but I served in a company of heroes…'"Winters, a resident of Hershey, Pennsylvania, died on January 2, 2011, in nearby Campbelltown, Pennsylvania. He had been suffering from Parkinson's disease for several years. Winters had requested a private, unannounced funeral service, which was held on January 8, 2011.

Story Arrangement By: Harry George
Sources: Major Richard "Dick" Winter Official Website, Wikipedia and Daily Express Newspaper-Sabah
Picture: Wikipedia and Major Winter Official website.

Map Malaysia

Tamparuli - Map Malaysia

Welcome to Tamparuli, Visit us during Weekdays, Tamu Day - Every Wednesday Morning, Holiday Trip and Weekends. There are so many beautiful places that you can vist at Tamparuli. My best recommendation is Hatob-Hatob Waterfalls located 17KM from Tamparuli town at Kg Malangang Baru. Fee enterance is cheap and you can visit on weekdays or weekends. Tamparuli is in the progress of a vast develop city and will be turned as the most develop city and will be focuses on Tourism and Agricultural Business. Happy to have a develop city like Tamparuli. For tourist who like to visit Tamparuli please look at the Map Malaysia provide by Google to get a real view of this town.

Tamparuli google map - Click Here To View Tamparuli Sabah Map

If you want to get map about Tamparuli, you can search through the internet by typing Map Malaysia and you can search Tamparuli through that website that was provide by Thanks for visiting.

Story By: Harry George
Sources: Map Malaysia
Picture: Google Images

More Story About

Sabah Hotels
Sunduvan - Hotel Sabah

Well this morning when I visit my old town of Tamparuli, I met with the owner of Sunduvan website. I have a chit chat with him about the current issue of Sabah. Some of the story that I really like is Hotel Sabah. He told me that Sunduvan website is providing more info about Hotel in Sabah. It seem that Tamparuli is on the right track to be one of the develop city or town in Sabah. I was really amaze with my hometown of Tamparuli. Thanks to the person in charge in developing this town.Well it nice to talk with him because our conversastion bring more info to me. He told me that Sunduvan had wrote many article relating to Tamparuli whereby Sunduvan talks about Kg Kionsom Baru Tamparuli, Pejabat Daerah Tamparuli and Pekan Nabalu. 

Tourist that like to visit Sabah need to find a good and cheap hotel so that you can stay longer here with minimum expenses. My website Tamparuli Sabah will provide you more information about Hotel in Sabah from Kudat to Tawau updated weekly so that you guy out there can easily find the hotel that you like. Sunduvan website also provide a lot of information about Hotel in Sabah and hopefully you can visit it to get more information. Below is the list of Hotel Sabah that provide lodging service for the local and foreign tourist.

Sabah at the North Eastern tip of Borneo is the gateway to fascinating cultures, beautiful scenery and magical islands.

From the world-famous Sipadan Island to the Orang-Utans of Sepilok, there’s so much to see and discover in the natural paradise called Sabah.

Recommended Hotels
 1 : Bunga Raya Island Resort
 2 : Le Meridien KK
 3 : Novotel 1Borneo KK
 4 : Shangri La Tanjung Aru
 5 : The Palace Hotel
 6 : Sabah Hotel Sandakan
 7 : Gayana Eco Resort
 8 : Nexus Resort & Spa
 9 : Tune Hotel 1Borneo kk
 10 : Beringgis Beach resort

Story By: Harry George
Sources: Sabah Hotel, Sunduvan and
Picture: Sabah Hotel Website


Sunduvan Casual Talks

I was so azmaze with my friend website calls Sunduvan with his casual talks about current issue in Sabah and Malaysia itself. Sunduvan was wholly own by my friend Mr Tom or I use to call him Tommy. Sunduvan talk about  current issue regarding to Entertainment, Politic and society about Malaysia. It is not a radical website and always been screening by him before publish any article regarding to current issue in Sabah. We can classified Sunduvan  blog as an activist website that is fighting to serve the people in Sabah. Mostly the story about entertainment is most favorite by the reader in Malaysia. I like Suduvan article about Society and Politic. Please read more at www.sunduvan,com.

Best article about Tamparuli wrote by

Tamparuli Sabah: Posted By Mr Tom Sunduvan

Tomorrow I'm going to Pejabat Daerah Kecil Tamparuli, a building located about 1km on the east of Tamparuli city or town for some business matter. I haven't had any encounter or meeting with the Pegawai Daerah Kecil Tamparuli Sabah so far but if I'm lucky tomorrow, may be that would be my chance to see him in his beautiful district office of Tamparuli Sabah.

I will try to take this opportunity to visit Tamu Tamparuli and the famous Jambatan Tamparuli Sabah. Hopefully, there is something interesting in Tamparuli city or town. I heard there are many interesting items being sold in Tamu Tamparuli of which yet to be discovered.

There is KLMU Sabah roadshow in Tamparuli district office tomorrow, and, I will take this opportunity to visit the the KLMU kolej roadshow as well. KLMU kolej in Sabah are opening a new student registration counter tomorrow in Pejabat Daerah Kecil Tamparuli.

Tamparuli city or town is also well-known for it popular white water rafting, an extreme sport activity run by the local. I will get more information about White Water Rafting in Tamparuli Sabah particularly in Kiulu White Water Rafting sport.

Story By: Harry George
Sources: Harry George and Mr Tom Sunduvan

AJL TV3 - 2011

Anugerah Juara Lagu TV3 2011

Congratulation to Anna Raffali who crowned as the Champion for AJL TV3 last night. There is 20 song being contested last night the the winner for the Anugerah Juara Lagu TV3 title " Tolong Ingatkan Aku". Wow it really enjoyable show that I was watched yesterday. For those who not success, try again soon. The representative from Sabah is Stacy Anam and Adira from Kg Kibbas Ranau Sabah. 

For more details about this story please refer to the below story:
In Bahasa Melayu - Please Translate if you do not understand it. Thanks

More Story About Ana Raffali.

Ana Raffali atau nama sebenarnya Ana Nur Hidayah binti Mohd Raffali ialah seorang pemuzik Malaysia berdarah melayu sepenuhnya. Beliau berkemahiran dalam nyanyian, penggubahan lagu dan pemainan gitar. Beliau mula mendapat perhatian setelah mengeluarkan single "Hujan Bunga di Kuala Lumpur" di corong radio pada tahun 2009. Niat beliau ingin membantu keluarganya yang susah membuahkan hasil dengan penghasilan album pertamanya, Ketika Aku Kecil yang telah keluar pada April 2010. Bermula dengan hobi bermain gitar, Ana mula berjinak menulis lagu sebagai cara meluahkan perasaannya ketika menuntut di Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Shah Alam dalam jurusan Pendidikan Inggeris Sebagai Bahasa Kedua (TESL). Beliau sentiasa berbaju kurung atau kebaya ketika membuat persembahan.


"Hujan Bunga di Kuala Lumpur" (2009)
"Tolong Ingatkan Aku" (2010)
"Kalau Berpacaran" - duet bersama Soohaimi Meor Hassan & menampilkan Altimet (2010)

Sejarah dan latar belakang

Pada asasnya, Juara Lagu diperkenalkan sebagai rancangan yang mempunyai format penerbitan yang mudah agar senang difahami dan diikuti penonton. Anugerah Juara Lagu bermula pada tahun 1986 dan telah berjaya menambat hati ramai penonton buat bertahun-tahun. Datuk Ahmad Merican yang ketika itu Pengurus Rancangan TV3 adalah perintis kepada rancangan Muzik Muzik yang mula disiarkan pada hari Ahad, 2 Mac 1986 pukul 8.30 malam. Dari lagu-lagu yang dicalonkan dalam Muzik-Muzik itulah yang akan dibawa dan disaringkan ke peringkat seterusnya.

Pada tahun-tahun awal Juara Lagu, peserta pertandingan akhir disaring daripada juara bulanan. Pada peringkat awal penganjuran juga, orang awam turut membuat pencalonan dan pemilihan menerusi akhbar harian tempatan. Sehingga tahun 1991, setiap juara bulanan layak disaringkan ke peringkat akhir. Mulai 1992, format Juara Lagu telah diubah dengan banyaknya apabila memperkenalkan kategori dengan tujuan menggalakkan penyertaan daripada genre seperti irama tradisional dan balada kerana genre rock yang banyak mendominasi ketika itu. Walau bagaimanapun, ketika tahun 2004, kategori dihapuskan bagi membolehkan semua lagu bertanding secara adil dan saksama.

Bagaimanapun, tahun demi tahun, perubahan tetap dilakukan ke atas format rancangan hinggalah sistem carta mingguan. Carta 20 diperkenalkan seperti digunakan oleh Muzik Muzik sekarang. Format carta ini memberi peluang kepada lagu-lagu baru untuk memasuki carta pada setiap minggu. Lagu-lagu yang berjaya disaringkan akan dibawa ke peringkat separuh akhir untuk memilih 12 buah lagu yang akan dipertandingkan ke peringkat akhir untuk dinobatkan sebagai "Juara Lagu".

Anugerah Juara Lagu diadakan sama ada pada hujung tahun tersebut atau pada awal tahun berikutannya. Lokasi AJL yang menjadi gelanggang kepada artis dan penggubah tanah air beradu bakat pernah diadakan di Dewan San Choo di Wisma MCA; Auditorium Besar Angkasapuri RTM; Sri Pentas Dua; Dewan Bandaraya Shah Alam; Dewan Merdeka, PWTC; dan Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil.

Juara Lagu juga pernah menjemput juri-juri profesional tempatan dan antarabangsa dari Singapura, Indonesia, Filipina dan Jepun untuk mengadili pertandingan akhir. Penilaian tertumpu kepada melodi, lirik dan persembahan artis.


Anugerah Juara Lagu pernah diacarakan oleh pelbagai hos terkemuka tempatan dan luar. Pengacara-pengacara tersebut adakala digandingkan juga dengan hos kecil lain. Kebanyakan pengacara Anugerah Juara Lagu juga adalah hos bagi rancangan Muzik-Muzik.

1986: Abas Bakar & Habsah
1987: Karim Muhammad & Noorkumalasari
1988: N.D. Lala & Charmine Agustine
1989: Azwan Ali & Charmine Agustine
1990: Azwan Ali & Charmine Agustine
1991: Azwan Ali, Melissa Saila, & Intan Rozila
1992: Azwan Ali & Rina Khan
1993: Azwan Ali, Aznil Nawawi, & Fauziah Ahmad Daud
1994: Azwan Ali & Amy Mastura
1995: Azwan Ali, Shamsul Ghau-Ghau, & Fauziah Ahmad Daud
1996: Salih Yaacob & Fauziah Ahmad Daud
1997: Shamsul Ghau-Ghau & Anne Hamid
1998: Shamsul Ghau-Ghau & Anne Hamid
1999: Kelvin Ong & Normala Shamsuddin
2000: Aidil Abd. Ghafar & Zalina Azman
2001: Aidil Abd. Ghafar & Zalina Azman
2002: Intan Suraya & Ary Malik
2003: Aznil Nawawi & Sarimah Ibrahim
2004: Cheryl Samad, Sarimah Ibrahim, & Najip Ali
2005: Cheryl Samad, Ally Iskandar, Farah Fauzana, Amy Mastura & Ezlynn
2006: Cheryl Samad, Ally Iskandar & Farah Fauzana
2007: Cheryl Samad, Ally Iskandar, Farah Fauzana & Faizal Ismail
2008: Cheryl Samad, Ally Iskandar & Faizal Ismail
2009: Cheryl Samad, Ally Iskandar & Faizal Ismail
2010: Cheryl Samad, Ally Iskandar & Faizal Ismail

Tajuk: Sekadar di Pinggiran
Artis: Francesca Peter
Gubahan: Manan Ngah
Lirik: Lukhman S.
Album: Sekadar Di Pinggiran (1986)

Tajuk: Menaruh Harapan
Artis: Zaiton Sameon
Gubahan: A. Ali
Lirik: Habsah Hassan
Album: Menaruh Harapan (1987)
Tajuk: Kau Kunci Cintaku Dalam Hatimu
Artis: Ramlah Ram
Gubahan: Ahmad Nawab
Lirik: Wielid
Album: Kau Kunci Cintaku (Dalam Hatimu) (1987)

Tajuk: Isabella
Artis: Kumpulan Search
Gubahan: Kumpulan Search
Lirik: Bob Lokman
Album: Fenomena (1989)

Tajuk: Janji Manismu
Artis: Aishah
Gubahan: Adam Ahmad
Lirik: Wan Aishah
Album: Aishah (1990)

Tajuk: Takdir dan Waktu
Artis: Kumpulan Mega
Gubahan: Rahim Othman
Lirik: Juwie
Album: Ilustrasi (1991)

Tajuk: Pada Syurga di Wajahmu
Artis: Nash
Gubahan: Fauzi Marzuki
Lirik: Bob Lokman
Album: Nash (1992)

Tajuk: Teratai Layu di Tasik Madu
Artis: Fauziah Latiff
Gubahan: Adam Ahmad
Lirik: S. Amin Shahab
Album: Epilog Memori Gelita (1993)

Tajuk: Tanya Sama Itu Hud-hud
Artis: M. Nasir
Gubahan: M. Nasir
Lirik: M. Nasir
Album: Canggung Mendonan (1993)

Tajuk: Cinta Beralih Arah
Artis: Aishah
Gubahan: Jari
Lirik: Habsah Hassan
Album: Wajah (1995)

Tajuk: Jerat Percintaan
Artis: Siti Nurhaliza
Gubahan: Adnan Abu Hassan
Lirik: Hani M. J.
Album: Siti Nurhaliza (1996)

Tajuk: Ghazal Untuk Rabiah
Artis: M. Nasir & Jamal Abdillah
Gubahan: M. Nasir
Lirik: S. Amin Shahab
Album: Suratan Kasih (Repacked) (1996)

Tajuk: Cindai
Artis: Siti Nurhaliza
Gubahan: Pak Ngah
Lirik: Hairul Anuar Harun
Album: Cindai (1997)

Tajuk: Andalusia
Artis: M. Nasir
Gubahan: M. Nasir
Lirik: Loloq
Album: Terbaik M. Nasir (1998)

Tajuk: Balqis
Artis: Siti Nurhaliza
Gubahan: Pak Ngah
Lirik: Hairul Anuar Harun
Album: Sahmura (2000)

Tajuk: Mimpi Laila
Artis: Yassin
Gubahan: Yassin
Lirik: Yassin
Album: Mimpi Laila (2001)

Tajuk: Keliru
Artis: Nurul & Ajai
Gubahan: Aidit Alfian
Lirik: Aidit Alfian
Album: Ajai & Nurul (2002)

Tajuk: Bunga-bunga Cinta
Artis: Misha Omar
Gubahan: Adnan Abu Hassan
Lirik: Adnan Abu Hassan
Album: Misha (2002)

Tajuk: Rela Kupujuk
Artis: Kumpulan Spider
Gubahan: Tam
Lirik: Keon
Album: Nazraku (2004)

Tajuk: Gemilang
Artis: Jaclyn Victor
Gubahan: Aubrey Suwito
Lirik: Asmin Mudin
Album: Gemilang (2004)

Tajuk: Terlalu Istimewa
Artis: Adibah Noor
Gubahan: Azlan Abu Hassan
Lirik: Adibah Noor
Album: Terlalu Istimewa (2005)

Tajuk: Itu Kamu
Artis: Estranged
Gubahan: Estranged
Lirik: Richael Lawrence
Album: In Hating Memory (Repacked) (2007)

Tajuk: Lagu Untukmu
Artis: Meet Uncle Hussain
Gubahan: Taja & Tass
Lirik: Taja, Tass & Lan
Album: KAMI: The Album (2008)

Tajuk: Pergi
Artis: Aizat
Gubahan: Pete Teo
Lirik: Pete Teo & Amran Omar
Album: Runut bunyi filem Talentime (2009)

Tajuk: Tolong Ingatkan Aku
Artis: Ana Raffali
Gubahan: Ana Rafalli
Lirik: Ana Rafalli
Album: Ketika Aku Kecil (2010)

Tajuk = Tajuk lagu
Gubah = Pencipta/Penggubah lagu
Lirik = Penulis lirik
Artis = Penyanyi
Album = Album yang menerbitkan lagu tersebut

Persembahan Terbaik

1986: Allleycats (Sampaikan Salam Cintaku)
1987: Sudirman Haji Arshad (Merisik Khabar)
1988: Ramlah Ram (Kau Kunci Cintaku Dalam Hatimu)
1989: Kumpulan Search (Isabella)
1990: Kumpulan Wings (Sejati)
1991: Shima (Setelah Aku Kau Miliki)
1992: Tidak dipertandingkan
1993: Fauziah Latiff (Teratai Layu di Tasik Madu)
1994: M.Nasir (Tanya Sama Itu Hud-hud)
1995: Aishah (Cinta Beralih Arah)
1996: Siti Nurhaliza (Jerat Percintaan)
1997: Siti Nurhaliza (Aku Cinta Padamu)
1998: Noraniza Idris (Dikir Puteri)
1999: Noraniza Idris (Dondang Dendang)
2000: Noraniza Idris (Ngajat Tampi)
2001: Siti Nurhaliza (Ya Maulai) 70% juri / 30 % SMS
2002: Siti Nurhaliza (Nirmala)
2003: Siti Nurhaliza (Ku Milikmu)
2004: Noraniza Idris (Hatinya Tak Tahan)
2005: Mawi (Aduh Saliha) 50% juri / 50% SMS
2006: Hazami (Mungkir Bahagia)
2007: Mawi (Angan Dan Sedar) 50% juri / 50% SMS
2008: Faizal Tahir (Sampai Syurga)
2009: Aizat (Kau Aku)
2010: Faizal Tahir (Hanyut)
[sunting]Lirik Terbaik
1986: Sekadar di Pinggiran (Lukhman S.)
1987: Menaruh Harapan (Habsah Hassan)
1988: Cukuplah Sekali (Habsah Hassan)
1989: Isabella (Bob Lokman)
1990: Suci Dalam Debu (S. Amin Shahab)
1991: Tiara (M. Nasir)
1992: Pada Syurga Di Wajahmu (S. Amin Shahab)

Mulai tahun 1993, kategori ini tidak dipertandingkan secara berasingan tetapi dikira sekali dalam penciptaan sebuah lagu.

Vokal Terbaik

Kategori ini mula dipertandingkan pada tahun 2002 iaitu pada Anugerah Juara Lagu ke-17

2002: Liza Hanim - "Gelisah Mimpi"
2003: Misha Omar - "Bunga-bunga Cinta"
2004: Misha Omar - "Pulangkan"
2005: Hazami - "Kata"
2006: Adibah Noor - "Terlalu Istimewa"
2007: Jaclyn Victor dan Lah Ahmad - "Ceritera Cinta"
2008: Faizal Tahir - "Sampai Syurga"
2009: Black - "Aku Rindu Sayang Kamu"
2010: Hafiz - "Noktah Cinta"


Kemenangan dan penyertaan berganda
M. Nasir menjadi komposer pertama yang memenangi AJL sebanyak tiga kali iaitu menerusi lagu "Tanya Sama Itu Hud Hud" (1997), "Ghazal Untuk Rabiah" (1997) dan "Andalusia" (1999). Tiga artis pernah memenangi Juara Lagu sebagai penggubah, penulis lirik dan penyanyi, iaitu M. Nasir menerusi lagu "Andalusia" pada tahun 1999, Yassin bagi lagu "Mimpi Laila" pada tahun 2001, dan Ana Raffali bagi lagu "Tolong Ingatkan Aku" pada tahun 2010.Sehingga tahun 2008 dimana tahun selepasnya penyertaan kategori dibubarkan, hanya Siti Nurhaliza dan Dayang Nurfaizah yang pernah menyertai AJL dalam kesemua kategori. Siti menyertai semua kategori silih berganti sejak tahun 1998 manakala Dayang menyertai kategori Pop Rock pada tahun 2001 selain memenangi kategori Balada pada tahun tersebut. Pada tahun 2004, Dayang memenangi kategori Etnik Kreatif. Datuk Siti Nurhaliza merupakan satu-satu penyanyi yang pernah memenangi ketiga-tiga kategori dalam tahun yang berlainan, mendapat persembahan terbaik dalam semua kategori bagi lagu "Jerat Percintaan" (1996), "Aku Cinta Padamu" (1997), "Ya Maulai" (2001), "Nirmala" (2002), "Ku Milikmu" (2003) dan memenangi keseluruhan Juara Lagu untuk kategori balada dan irama Malaysia tetapi tidak bagi pop rock. Beliau juga merupakan artis paling kerap layak ke AJL (selepas Rohana Jalil) bermula dari 1996 sehingga 2003 malah Siti mengungguli rekod dengan layak ke AJL bagi 8 tahun berturut-turut. Bilangan lagu yang dinyanyikan Siti Nurhaliza juga yang terbanyak layak ke AJL dengan 18 buah lagu bagi 9 tahun (1996 hingga 2003, dan 2007).

23 buah lagu beliau berjaya ke peringkat separuh akhir
18 buah lagu beliau berjaya ke peringkat akhir
17 trofi telah beliau menangi
5 Trofi Persembahan Terbaik
9 Trofi Juara Kategori (4 balada, 4 irama Malaysia/etnik kreatif, 1 pop rock)
3 Trofi Juara Lagu
8 tahun berturut-turut menyertai peringkat akhir
7 tahun berturut-turut penyertaan lagu balada ke peringkat akhir. (1996-2002)
5 tahun berturut-turut penyertaan lagu irama Malaysia/etnik kreatif ke peringkat akhir. 

4 tahun berturut-turut penyertaan 3 buah lagu ke peringkat akhir. (1998-2001)
5 tahun tidak secara berturut-turut penyertaan lagu pop rock ke peringkat akhir. (1998-1999, 2001, 2003, 2007) Misha Omar merupakan satu-satunya peserta (sehingga 2010) yang memenangi anugerah Vokal Terbaik lebih daripada dua kali menerusi penyertaannya pada tahun 2003 dan 2004.
Antara artis yang menang besar bagi sebuah lagu termasuk juara keseluruhan dalam Anugerah Juara Lagu adalah:

1988 - Ramlah Ram (Juara Lagu & Persembahan Terbaik) : "Kau Kunci Cintamu Dalam Hatiku"
1989 - Kumpulan Search (Juara Lagu & Persembahan Terbaik) : "Isabella"
1993 - Fauziah Latiff (Juara lagu termasuk Juara Kategori & Persembahan Terbaik) : "Teratai Layu di Tasik Madu"
1994 - M. Nasir (Juara lagu termasuk Juara Kategori & Persembahan Terbaik) : "Tanya Sama Itu Hud-hud"
1995 - Aishah (Juara Lagu termasuk Juara Kategori & Persembahan Terbaik ) : "Cinta Beralih Arah"
1996 - Siti Nurhaliza (Juara Lagu termasuk Juara Kategori & Persembahan Terbaik ) : "Jerat Percintaan"
2003 - Misha Omar (Juara Lagu termasuk Juara Kategori & Vokal Terbaik) : "Bunga-Bunga Cinta"
2006 - Adibah Noor (Juara Lagu termasuk Juara Kategori & Vokal Terbaik) : "Terlalu Istimewa"
Artis yang menang lebih daripada 2 anugerah pada satu Anugerah Juara Lagu:
1989 - Search - Persembahan Terbaik, Lirik Terbaik (Bob Lokman) & Juara Lagu "Isabella"
1993 - Fauziah Latiff - Persembahan Terbaik, Juara Kategori Balada, Juara Lagu "Teratai Layu Di Tasik Madu"
1994 - M. Nasir - Persembahan Terbaik, Juara Kategori Pop/Rock, Juara Lagu bagi lagu "Tanya Sama Itu Hud-Hud" & Juara Kategori Etnik Kreatif bagi lagu "Bonda"
1995 - Aishah - Persembahan Terbaik, Juara Kategori Balada & Juara Lagu "Cinta Beralih Arah"
1996 - Siti Nurhaliza - Persembahan Terbaik, Juara Katefori Balada & Juara Lagu "Jerat Percintaan"
2000 - Siti Nurhaliza - Juara Kategori Etnik Kreatif & Juara Lagu bagi lagu "Balqis" & Juara Kategori Balada bagi lagu "Kau Kekasihku"
2003 - Misha Omar - Vokal Terbaik, Juara Kategori Balada & Juara Lagu "Bunga-Bunga Cinta"
2006 - Adibah Noor - Vokal Terbaik, Juara Kategori Balada & Juara Lagu "Terlalu Istimewa"
2008 - Faizal Tahir - Vokal Terbaik, Persembahan Terbaik & Juara Kategori Balada "Sampai Syurga"
Antara artis yang pernah layak ke peringkat akhir Anugerah Juara Lagu dengan 2 lagu dalam satu kategori secara solo ialah:

Anugerah Juara Lagu 2000:
Siti Nurhaliza - Kategori Balada - "Kau Kekasihku" & "Nian di Hati"
Noraniza Idris - Kategori Irama Malaysia/Etnik Keratif - "Tinting" & "Ngajat Tampi"
Amy Mastura - Kategori Pop Rock - "Bintang Hati & Sha Na Na"
Anugerah Juara Lagu 2005:
Jaclyn Victor - Kategori Balada - "Gemilang & Wajah"
Anugerah Juara Lagu 2007:
Faizal Tahir - Kategori Balada - "Kasih Tercipta& Mahakarya Cinta"
Anugerah Juara Lagu 2008:
Faizal Tahir - Kategori Balada - "Sampai Syurga & Cuba"
Anugerah Juara Lagu 2010:
Faizal Tahir - "Hanyut & Selamat Malam"
Kumpulan Exist merupakan kumpulan muzik yang paling kerap ke pusingan akhir Juara Lagu dengan 4 kali penyertaan:
1992 - "Untukmu Ibu" dengan vokalis Mamat
1994 - "Anugerah" dengan vokalis Mamat.
2002 - "Julia" dengan vokalis Ezzad.
2003 - "Percayakan Siti" dengan vokalis Ezzad.
Penulis lirik tersohor, Habsah Hassan merupakan penulis lirik yang paling banyak dicalonkan dalam sejarah AJL. Beliau memenangi kategori lirik terbaik sebanyak dua kali menerusi lagu "Menaruh Harapan" (1987) dan "Cukuplah Sekali" (1988).
[sunting]Penyertaan lebih tiga kali tetapi gagal
Kumpulan Exist - 4 Kali (1992,1994,2002,2003)
Anuar Zain - 3 Kali (1998,2003,2004)
Erra Fazira - 3 Kali (1999,2000,2004)
Syura - 3 kali (2002,2004,2006)

Penyertaan bukan Melayu dan luar negara. Penyanyi bukan Melayu yang pernah berentap ke peringkat akhir AJL adalah Alleycats (1986, 1987), Ben Nathan (1988), Francesca Peter (1986, 1987, 1988), Casey (1995), Vince (2004), Jaclyn Victor (2005, 2007) dan Rich (2007, 2008).
Endang Es Taurina, seorang penyanyi Indonesia, merupakan satu-satunya penyanyi luar negara yang pernah bertanding di peringkat akhir Juara Lagu melalui lagu "Sangkar Emas" ciptaan A. Ali dan Lukhman S. pada tahun 1990.
M. Nasir mula bertanding dalam Anugerah Juara Lagu pada tahun 1990 menerusi lagu "Mustika". Sebelum itu, banyak lagu M. Nasir yang dinyanyikan secara berkumpulan ataupun solo tidak dapat bertanding kerana status kerakyatan Singapura beliau. Beliau juga satu-satunya penggubah lagu yang menyanyikan lagunya sendiri dalam ketiga-tiga kategori berasingan, solo mahupun berduet.
Lagu "Puteri Ledang" nyanyian Lina Kamsan pada tahun 1993 dinyanyikan sepenuhnya dalam Bahasa Jawa.

Penyertaan bukan penyanyi asal

Persembahan lagu tidak semestinya dinyanyikan oleh penyanyi asal dalam peringkat akhri Juara Lagu. Sekiranya penyanyi asal tidak boleh menyanyikannya, pencipta lagu perlu mencari pengganti jika tidak mahu menarik diri. Terdapat beberapa lagu yang layak ke peringkat akhir AJL tetapi tidak dinyanyikan oleh penyanyi asal yang antaranya adalah:
1986 - "Perjalananku" - Penyanyi asal Jamal Abdillah - Dinyanyikan Azman Abu Hassan
1986 - "Cinta yang Terbiar" - Penyanyi asal Jamal Abdillah - Dinyanyikan Rohana Jalil
1987 - "Angan-angan" - Penyanyi asal Raja Ema - Dinyanyikan Kumpulan Skyfire
1994 - "Bukan Aku Tak Cinta" - Penyanyi asal Kumpulan Iklim - Dinyanyikan Adilla
1995 - "Kau dan Aku" - Penyanyi asal Ning Baizura - Dinyanyikan Kumpulan Kool
1995 - "Cinta Dangdut" - Penyanyi asal Hayati Tasrip - Dinyanyikan Masleena
2006 - "Candak" - Penyanyi asal Syura - Dinyanyikan Siti Nordiana
2006 - "Hantaran Hati" - Penyanyi asal Rosiah Chik - Dinyanyikan Aspalela Abdullah (duet bersama Bob)
2007 - "Izinku Pergi" - Penyanyi asal Kaer - Dinyanyikan Sahri
2007 - "Mahakarya Cinta" - Penyanyi asal Faizal Tahir - Dinyanyikan Fiq
2007 - "Kasih Tercipta" - Penyanyi asal Faizal Tahir - Dinyanyikan Bob
2007 - "Ceritera Cinta" - Penyanyi asal Jaclyn Victor & Rio Febrian - Dinyanyikan Jaclyn Victor & Lah Ahmad
2008 - "Doa Dalam Lagu" - Penyanyi asal Mawi & Heliza - Dinyanyikan oleh Zahid & Heliza
Lagu "Rayuanku" nyanyian Rohana Jalil sebenarnya dicipta khas untuk Zaiton Sameon. Bahkan, semua lagu dalam album Rayuanku sememangnya dicipta oleh A. Ali untuk Zaiton Sameon.


Aznil Nawawi bersama kumpulan yang digelar "The Gambit" pernah mengembalikan imbauan AJL dalam persembahan selingan AJL ke-10 dengan menunjukkan bagaimana dia merosakkan persembahan lagu-lagu AJL yang terbaik. Antaranya adalah dari persembahan "Janji Manismu". Aznil merampas beg daripada "Aishah" dan mengeluarkan benda dari dalam beg tersebut dan benda itu adalah barang dapur seperti kuali, lesung batu dan mesin pengisar!
Terdapat dua persembahan selingan yang mara ke Juara Lagu tahun berikutnya:
"Siti Payung" - Liza Aziz (1992): selingan 1991 (bertemakan Irama Malaysia)
"Dir" - Rahim Maarof (1993): selingan 1992 (sempena memperingati pemergian Allahyarham Sudirman)
Persembahan Aishah sentiasa menampakkan kelainan pada setiap kali penyertaan. Kail pertama ialah lagu "Janji Manismu" dengan prop sebuah beg memaparkan Aishah ingin pergi jauh. Kedua pula, bagi lagu "Cinta Beralih Arah", Aishah menari dengan "phantom" setelah cintanya dicurangi manakala "Kasihnya Balqis", Aishah membawa dua orang anak lelaki beliau sambil bercerita tentang Balqis sebelum waktu tidur.
Sebelum 1990, semua artis wanita solo yang menyanyikan lagu balada menyanyikan lagu tersebut berseorangan tanpa "prop". Aishah telah menerajui persembahan bersama prop menerusi lagu "Janji Manismu" yang beliau telah menggunakan meja, lampu, gambar dan beg besar. Shima pula menjadi artis pertama yang dijulang ketika membuat persembahan menerusi lagu "Setelah Aku Kau Miliki" pada tahun 1991. Selepas itu, banyak penyanyi telah mempelbagaikan persembahan mereka sehingga kini.


Allahyarhamah Rosiah Chik merupakan artis wanita veteran pertama yang bertanding dalam Anugerah Juara Lagu apabila lagu dendangan beliau iaitu "Zapin Senandung Dua" berjaya ke peingkat akhir pada tahun 1995. Lagu nyanyian beliau bersama Bob juga telah berjaya mara ke peringkat akhir pada tahun 2006 yang membolehkan beliau bertanding ke AJL bagi kali kedua. Walau bagaimanapun, beliau telah meninggal dunia pada awal tahun 2006 yang menyebabkan Aspalela Abdullah menggantikan tempat beliau dan menjadikan Aspalela Abdullah penyanyi wanita veteran kedua yang berjaya ke Anugerah Juara Lagu selepas Rosiah Chik. Lagu yang dipertandingkan di AJL sebelum tahun 1992 adalah tidak berkategori malah sebelum 1992, lagu yang dibawa ke AJL adalah lagu juara bulanan. Misha Omar merupakan salah seorang daripada penyanyi baru yang diberi peluang untuk membuat persembahan di permaidani merah ketika berlangsungnya AJL edisi ke 17. Menariknya, ketika edisi ke 18 Misha pula menyertai AJL seterusnya menjuarai pada tahun tersebut. Tidak semua artis yang membuat dua persembahan mendapat perhatian juri untuk dinobatkan selaku Juara Lagu atau juara kategori. Antara artis-artis yang mempertaruhkan dua atau lebih persembahan, tetapi gagal mendapat anugerah Juara Lagu atau juara kategori pada tahun itu:

Juara Lagu 1988 - Kumpulan Gersang - Suratan Takdir & Masih Aku Terasa
Juara Lagu 1989 - Kumpulan Wings - Taman Rashidah Utama & Misteri Mimpi Syakilla
Juara Lagu 1990 - Kumpulan Ekamatra - Pusara Lebuhraya & Sentuhan Kecundang
Juara Lagu 1997 - Ziana Zain - Kalau Mencari Teman & Senja Nan Merah
Juara Lagu 2000 - Noraniza Idris - Ngajat Tampi & Ting Ting
Juara Lagu 2001 - Nora - Menyemai Cinta Bersamamu & Desa Tercinta
Juara Lagu 2007 - Faizal Tahir - Kasih Tercipta & Mahakarya Cinta

Story By: Tamparuli Admin
Sources: Wikipedia and TV3
Picture: Ana Raffali

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