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Tamparuli Sabah - A place to visit

Tamparuli Sabah was known as an old town rich with cultural value and fascinating places. The town located in the middle of Tuaran District, 36KM from the main city of Kota Kinabalu, easy to be found and a lot of surprises waiting for the visitors. The visitor will be fascinated with The Extreme Para Gliding Sport, The legendary of “Bukit Perahu”, Hatob-hatob Waterfall, Hanging Bridge and The Old Suspension Bridge Made by the British in the early 50s, The one and only "The Upside House Of Borneo" and Chantek Borneo Gallery if you visit Tamparuli Sabah. ( Please read more inside this website). For local tourist who likes to travel outside Malaysia, you can e-mail to D7tours and Travel Co through For International tourist who wish to visit Sabah The Land Below The Wind, you can e-mail or call to our correspondent travel agency:

D7-TRAVEL AND TOURS-Registered Travel and Tours Co
H/p: 016-8121702


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Harry George

My Life My Stories: Weird Place, Weird People and weird time of spaces.

I was stumble upon when I heard a story of an adult man lost in a nowhere land where science cannot explain this phenomenon. While we are monitoring the SPM candidate at SMK Lohan Ranau there is a space for us to have a chit-chat at the back and the story about the adult man protrude during our conversation. Off-course our conversation were in  a silent mode and not effecting the SPM candidate in answering their question. The story about a strange phenomenon experienced by an adult man from Kg Mohimboyon Ranau were told by my friend Mr Lajibi Machi or I use to call him "B". The story goes like this.....     

During the rainy season in early 1960s a group of people from Kg Mohimboyon and several village near Kg Mohimboyon were travelling from Ranau to Tamparuli. The aim was to get supply for their daily usage. Travelling from Ranau to Tamparuli those day would take almost one week because the traveler need to go through the thick jungle before reaching Tamparuli town. Actually there was a road but there was no transportation available during that time. To cut short, the traveler will use the short-cut through the thick jungle through the kale-yard to the final destination. Among the traveler, there was an adult man where I forgot his name who was big, tall and strong. He wanted to go Tamparuli to get supply for his family. Before he join the traveler, he wanted to eat a white chicken but it was a bad luck for him because he cannot found it. So he left his desire to eat a white chicken and join the traveler. It was hard life during that time and many people did not like to travel where it would effect their safety because of the "Pangaits or Songorib" and the wild beast such as snake and tiger. If their fall ill it would be the biggest problem for them. 

After traveling for three days and three nights, they nearly reach Tamparuli. They stop at a place call Togop this-day, the adult man wanted to take a pee and told his uncle to wait for him. While he was enjoying his moments to throw his body waste suddenly he saw a white chicken walking slowly. Huh what a luck for me he said and slowly followed the white chicken. He try and try, again and again catching the white chicken but  he cannot caught it. At one moment he felt that he wanted to look back and he stop, turn around at his back and look with full surprise !!. He cannot remembered his way back to his travel companion and the exact word to describe it.. he was LOST!!!. When he turn around again to look at the white chicken, the white chicken was also gone and cannot be spotted anywhere else. He sat down and began to think a lot of thing. He shouted and shouted calling for his uncle but there was no reply. So he decided to walk where the white chicken disappeared from his view. After several hours walking he finally found a flat land where only small grass sprout around the area. It look like a paire grass land!!!.

He walked through the flat land and saw a village where the house were built beautifully structured. He then walked slowly to the village and felt attracted where the house was built nicely and colorful. He cannot imagine where he was and felt wondered. Suddenly he saw many people looking at him through the window of their house. He felt a little bit scared and shame because he entered a village without any permission. He afraid to be called as an intruder where those day you could be killed if you entered a village with your own will. He raised his hand up but the villager did not give any respond or reaction through his action. Suddenly, appeared an old man where he knew him but in his memory the old man was already passed away couple years ago but in time like this he cannot think of anything else. He needed help and off-course safety for his life. The old man said to him, what are you doing here? Then he told his story from the beginning till the end. The old man shaked his head and place his hand through the adult man shoulder. Don't worry I'll send you back to your village he said. 

The old man told the adult man not to travel around the village, where all the villager were dressed in white just like the color of the chicken where he try to catch. The old man went inside his house and while waiting the adult man were been observed by the villagers. The way the villagers look at him really weird where the look was different from ordinary people he knew. All the villagers dressed in white, look so clean, scented smell and look really in peace. The old man appeared back again and bring along a healthy fat white chicken. He gave the white chicken to the adult man and said to him, "Next time when you wanted to eat something, you need to full fill it first before you do anything or travel to other places". You must remembered this he said..." Then the adult man take and hug the chicken like a man got a valuable gift from a king. He said thank you and wave his hand to the villagers. The villagers smile and wish him a safe journey.

The old man hold the adult hand and walked slowly through the flat land. They walked and walked. The adult man looked at the front and sometime looked at the back. When he looked down, he startled when he saw cloud. They are walking above the cloud and the wind feel so great to him. The old man asked the adult man to look forward, hold the chicken and do not talk too much. The old man stop and asked the adult man to follow a road and you will found your way back to home he said. The adult man said thank you again, shake the old man hand and walk to the road. The adult man looked back but the old man already disappeared. Then the adult man walk along the road and found a village but... it was the Togudon Village where located 10 km from his village.. I supposed so...

The adult man had grown his beard and mustache. He was lost for 3 months. He thought that he was apart from his travel companion for just one day only. The villagers from Kg Togudon send him back to his village. The people at his village thought that he was already dead killed by wild beast and already made a funereal tribute for him. He told his story to his family, relatives and the villagers about his strange experience and how he met "his savior" where presumed dead. The story carried from one generation to another until my friend mother told the so-called weird story to him. The outcome of the chicken was unknown weather it was ate by the adult man or not. The adult man already passed away couple years ago and for that I cannot confirm the story from him. Thanks to Mr Lajibi Machi for his wonderful story.     

Written By: Harry George
Story from: Lajibi Machi
Picture: Google Image

KG: Mean Village (Abbreviation)
The Structured House: Cemetary

My Life My Stories: Payment Date For Civil Servants 2013

While your money were deeply safe in a deposit bank but other people money were being rob and rob every single moments in a turbulent country nowadays. Appreciate what you have and always keep up the peace that we have here in Malaysia. Save your money for you family and Happy Holidays.

* Subject to change
Written By: Harry George
Sources: Government Website

My Life My Stories: A Bad Luck!!!!!!!!

I'm in deep sympathies for my brother in-law who involved in a road accident last Wednesday evening near Mile 2 Sandakan Sabah. You can read from the Daily Express dated, 22 Nov 2012 with the title of " Two motorist badly injured in Sandakan Crash". We got the news from his wife who was in discomfiture situation while talking to my mother In-law through phone. I can hear the conversation clearly because my mother in-law turn on her hand-phone loudspeaker. It was a shocked news to our family member and I can see that my in-law were really reel about the situation. I looked at my wife and she looks so depressed. I have to calm her down.

My brother in-law worked at Sandakan Hospital as a Physiotherapy Officer. He has been working there since 2007 as I remembered.. His car collided with a Myvi drove by insignificant Chinese guy. The Myvi car driver was headed to other direction and using different line where he drove his car so fast and cannot control his car. The car hit a road divider and hit my brother in-law car from the opposite direction. My brother in-law was a "Patient Driver" or in other word Careful Driver. The causalities from this accident result in my brother in-law broke his two leg from his thigh to his ankle while the Myvi driver was in a trauma situation. The Myvi driver was Chinese guy as I mention before are from Sandakan. My brother in-law car (Viva) was totally damaged. My in-laws and my sister in-law rush to Sandakan early Thursday morning with my brother in-law wife mother. My wife and I cannot join them because we have an important thing to do. I will be visiting him soon.

Thanks to GOD the almighty where my brother in-law survived this mishap. My brother in-law now is waiting for his operation to inosculates his broken bones. He had been operate on Thursday morning to stop his bleeding and been waiting for the scanning result which been sent to QEH Hospital Kota Kinabalu. My mother in-law was planning to send her son to SMC- Sabah Medical Center but my brother in-law refuse it.
Now all we have to do is pray and hopefully he will recover soon. My in-laws already bought the iron for my brother in-laws legs with the cost of RM7600.00 and hopefully my mother in-law can redeem it back using my bother in-laws life insurance. My brother in-law will going through an operation this coming Friday (29 Nov) and we hope this operation will success with the GOD hand. " Nothing Is Impossible For God "

Written By: Harry George   
Picture: Google Image

Cops warn smart phone owners

Owners of smart phones who update their geolocation systems through social networking sites risk exposing themselves to property and corporate crimes. Federal Police (Bukit Aman) Commercial Crimes Investigation Department Director, Datuk Syed Ismail Syed Azizan, said many liked to update or check in their locations or activities through applications like 'Foursquare' and Facebook. "But such actions actually expose them into becoming crime victims after criminals obtain the information from the cyber world," he said recently.

He said there were also social networking site users who updated their current status by stating they would be leaving their houses for several days and such action risked the security of their houses. He said what was worrying was the possibility that their social sites were intruded into and the information used by criminals. Syed Ismail said updating positions or current activities also risked corporate crimes being carried out against individuals with status or holding important posts in organisations.

Corporate crimes in the business world could be carried out by those in the interest of business such as stealing data related to business to sabotage competitors, he said. He said 24 cases of hacking involving losses of RM3.3 million were reported between January and September this year.

Prior to this, Bernama reported Malaysian CyberSecurity Business Development head Mohd Anwer Mohamed Yusoff as saying the country recorded losses of RM2.75 billion in the last five years from cyber crimes specifically in the finance sector. - Bernama

My Life My Stories: Playschool Teachers

Playschool teachers should take turns 
By: Concerned Mother 

I AM a mother who is not satisfied with the report given by a teacher at my son's playschool regarding an incident involving my son and his schoolmates.

How would a kid know the consequences of his action?

A kid is a kid. In fact my son was ever injured by other kids while at the playschool but I did not make a fuss because I understood that. Therefore I did not think that they hurt my son on purpose. I admit that my kid is a bit active but he is not as naughty as what the playschool teacher reported. He would listen if told the right way. It should be remembered that when kids are together, they are in a world of their own. That should be the time when teachers should keep an eye on them.

I am not out to defame anybody but I thought it is important that parents know about this as when they send their kids to playschools, naturally they hope for the best. Incidents such as those experienced by my son could have been avoided if teachers took turns to rest rather than resting together.

I went to my son's Playschool to fetch my son earlier and found that the kids were left on their own while the teachers were having their break in the tea room. To parents whose children are involved in fights, I say do not blame each other. This is not your fault but the fault of the teachers because we pay them to look after our kids. We know our children better.

Finally, despite what happened, I still thank the teachers for teaching my son and preparing him for Kindergarten.

Bamboo Music Festival, Tamparuli - 25 November 2012

The famous Bamboo Music Festival will be held again at Dewan Tun Hamdan Tamparuli on 25 November 2012 this coming Saturday. Please come early to avoid traffic jam. This is a repeating events organised by the Tamparuli Distric Office and Sabah Tourism. 

Bamboo Music Festival, Tamparuli

Date : 25 November 2012
Celebrate the multipurpose bamboo as a versatile musical instrument at the Tamparuli Bamboo Music Festival!

Held to promote the traditional musical heritage of Sabah's ethnic, don't miss the chance to witness the beauty of sounds created by wind and percussion instruments such as the sompoton (bamboo aerophone), bungkaw (jaw harp) and seruling (flute).

This iconic event will also feature a lineup of interesting events such as traditional folk sports, craft exhibitions as well as the bamboo music competition, featuring local bamboo ensembles. Groups from the Philippines and Indonesia are also expected to take part in the competition. There will also be special musical performances by the Kinabalu Bamboo Orchestra as well as the Taiwanese Bamboo Orchestra.

Further Information

Organiser : Tamparuli District Office, and the Kinabalu Bamboo Music Orchestra Association (OMBAK)
Venue : Tun Hamdan Hall, Tamparuli 
Contact Person : Ms. Jane Thing 
Telephone : +6013 8760358 
Email Contact :

Sources: District Office Tamparuli, Sabah Tourism
Picture: Google Image

Glass Panel with Virgin Mary

Malaysia : Glass panel with 'Virgin Mary' image removed, handed to local church

Updated 20th November 2012

The glass panel at the Sime Darby Medical Centre (SDMC) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with an image said to resemble the Virgin Mary has been removed and handed over to the Catholic church. In a statement, Sime Darby Group said two glass panels from the North Tower of the hospital complex were removed Tuesday morning, 20th November 2012. "SDMC has removed and handed over the two window panes. One of the panes has on it marks that some claim resemble artistic depictions of Mary, the Mother of Jesus," it said.

The glass panels were delivered to the Marian Church of Our Lady Lourdes in Klang. The image had drawn huge crowds to the hospital since pictures of it went viral online. A large group of people, mostly Catholics, gathered below the area at the new wing of the hospital since 10 November 2012, lighting candles, singing hymns and reciting prayers. Traffic was heavy around the vicinity, with even tourist buses pulling up by the roadside. This happened daily since the image was posted online including Facebook.

Secretary Janet Tong, 45, described the apparition as “amazing”. “It is so wonderful that our Mother has come to us in a hospital, where many of the sick are crying out for her help,” she said. Several claimed the colour and position of the image also changed.

Businessman Sheree Rao, 21, who went up inside to get a close look at the window, said the image was only visible from the outside. “I touched the glass, thinking it could be paint or something else. But there was nothing,’’ he added. Student Nicole Jo Pereira, 20, said she believed the image was a call for people to do good deeds.

Teacher Kenneth Fong, 27, said he was sure of an image on the window. “But whether it’s from God, I don’t know.” Photographs of the image, believed to have appeared several days ago, have gone viral on Facebook. Access to the window from inside the building has been restricted by the hospital.
Catholic newsletter The Herald editor Rev Father Lawrence Andrew said the Catholic Church would withhold official comment until the image had been tested and verified by theologians and church authorities.

Catholics believe that Mary, as mother of Jesus Christ, is the Mother of God.
Sources: Malaysian Hollywood. Bebek

My Life My Stories: The Big Tree Of Sabah

Have your ever seen this big tree anymore in Sabah? Well if you go deep into the jungle you might see it but the size is smaller then this tree I suppose so. Where all the big tree had gone? Gone with the wind or sold and went into the pocket of a greedy man. 

Save our jungle from logging and protect our forest from pollution. Please maintain our Sabah Green.

Picture: North Borneo Heritage

Picture: Edward Ebin Gilingan FB
Tenom Agricultural Park

Galaxy Soho Building

Galaxy Soho Building the office and shopping center was completed in Beijing (August 2012). The building comprise of 330 000 square meters built from Zaha Hadid's design was opened last August and it was the futuristic building ever made in China. It consists of four buildings that look like eggs and were connected by a pedestrian giants bridge. At first glance it looks like a hybrid egg chamber in the film of Aliens and The Fly starring Jeff Goldblum. It look likes China also raced to build a futuristic building. Yongsan International Business District in South Korea now has a big competitors!

Sources: Internet
Words by: Harry G
Picture: Google Image

My Life My Stories: Tambunan

Best Places In Tambunan.


Mahua Waterfall is located in Kampung Patau about 12km from Tambunan town. Patau 7km from the village to get to the Tourist Information Centre, the gateway to Mahua Waterfall.
Location: -
Katagaian village, Patau, Tambunan
Attractions: -
Originality / uniqueness of the environment
Waterfall height of approximately 50 feet
Bookings are made through the District Council

Mount Trusmadi

You can make a choice of destinations in Tambunan and if you choose to move to the village Kaingaran, you will arrive at the foot of Mount Trus Madi 25km.Di having to travel as far as this place, you will feel fortunate to be being set foot Mount Trus Madi mountains second highest after Mount Kinabalu in Sabah. You can continue the adventure up to the top of Trus Madi to conquer the summit at an altitude of 8.690 feet.
Location: -
Forest Trusmadi Tambunan
Attractions: -
Uniqueness of Biodiversity
Cold temperatures
The second highest mountain in Sabah / Malaysia

ROCK GONG (Batu Gong)

Location: -
Kg. Solibog
Attractions: -
A piece of ice the size of a basin that can produce a set of gong Kadazandusun when crushed.


Bricks role in human life has been a lot in the past forgotten, and most of the present generation no longer understand the history and it function. Each stones have different story.


Location: -
Rafflesia Forest Reserve, Tambunan
Attractions: -


Location: -
Kg. Tibabar Tambunan
Attractions: -
Describing the history of Mat Salleh of Sabah Warriors


Approximately about  80km drive from Kota Kinabalu City, you will reach the town of Tambunan, the town is still showing the traditional inhabitants, kadazandusun. After passing several restaurants and motels  such as Gunung Emas, Restaurant Puncak Alab, you will reach the Information Raffesia Center. This information center is in the area of ​​the Rafflesia Forest Reserve, which also has a variety of virgin vegetation, natural materials are often referred to the visitors, especially among researchers.

Translated Using Google Translate.
By: Harry George
Picture By: James Chiah

My Life My Stories: Toilet Tissue With Horror Stories

It will help you to..............

Toilet paper is printed with horror stories from Koji Suzuki. He is the author of the novel The Ring and Spiral. Sold since in 2009, "The Most Horror Toilet Tissue" was already sold out of 300,000 rolls. The English language version will go on sale for the international market price of USD 2:50 per roll. Hopefully, with the use of this toilet paper, you will not be experiencing problems while you are in the Silent Room or Toilet.

Edited By: Harry George
Picture: Google Image

My Life My Stories: Human Flesh Meat


Serious Violent

To promote computer game Resident Evil 6 in the UK, CAPCOM opened a butcher's shop that sells "human flesh". Wesker and Son's store opened in East London. All this meat store sales will be donated to the Association of London handicapped individuals. The picture below may not be suitable for individuals under the age of view or in the workplace.


My Life My Stories: November

Serious Fact About "NOVEMBER"

Men.. Let's Us Keep Our Mustache.
What is November? Why did the man in the west keep mustache and beard each November?

Sources: Blog Serious
Picture: Blog Serious

The Importance Of English for younger Generation.

Right to learn English not respected 
By: Datin Noor Azimah Abdul Rahim 

The response by the Education Ministry (MoE) on the problem of buying science and mathematics textbooks in English indicates that it is unaware of the situation on the ground. With reference to the circular dated Nov 4 last year, the decision to delay the abolition of the policy of teaching and learning science and mathematics in English in schools has been met with little support from the MoE, to ensure it continues until 2021.

Most critical is the absence of any instruction from the MoE to the publishers to print science and mathematics textbooks in English.

Therefore, publishers' stocks are selling out quickly and parents are frantically trying to source these few remaining books, the last of which were printed in 2009. Calls to several bookstores have confirmed this.

While it is true that schools are supposed to and do supply the textbooks in Bahasa Malaysia (BM) and English, it implies that if there is no such instruction to print English books, then these same books will be re-supplied to the students until 2021. Imagine the state of these books by then.

Many obstacles continue to be placed to ensure that students do not exercise their right to opt for English for reasons unknown.

Many schools offer only BM textbooks, when they should do so in both languages; examination questions from the education departments that are sent to schools remain in BM where it is up to the initiative of the school to translate them into English, yet most schools do not; in some schools, principals ignore pleas by students, parents and teachers to continue in English while teachers teach in BM, oblivious to the rights and wishes of the students.


Tuaran-Kota Marudu-Kudat road will transform northern Sabah

The proposed Tuaran-Kota Marudu-Kudat coastal road will bring tremendous economic transformation and development to northern Sabah, especially in the tourism and services industries, says Deputy Transport Minister Datuk Abdul Rahim Bakri.

“A lot of benefits will come to the people in the areas concerned in terms of greater accessibility, improved travel times and job opportunities, especially in the tourism industry since Kudat is also located at the northernmost tip of Borneo,” he told Bernama yesterday.

Rahim, who is also the Member of Parliament for Kudat, said the proposed coastal road would make the area, which is known for its white sandy beaches and clear sea water, more accessible to tourists, especially foreigners, who love the natural scenic attractions available in Sabah.

“More tourists would mean having more investments in hotels and more jobs,” he said, adding that a number of hoteliers had been scouting around Kudat to build four-star and even five-star hotels.

The Tuaran-Kota Marudu-Kudat coastal road was recently proposed by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak when he visited Kudat during the Promises Fulfilled Tour.

Najib also proposed that a Customs, Immigration and Quarantine centre be set up in Kudat since the district, which bordered Palawan Island in the southern Philippines, was a northern entry point into Sabah.

Rahim said with the signing of the peace agreement between the Philippine government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, more economic progress would be seen in the region under the auspices of the Brunei-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines East Asia Growth Area.

He also said that the airports in Kota Kinabalu and Kudat would stand to benefit from increased economic activities and the “Asean Open Sky” policy, which would facilitate a free-market environment for commercial aviation from 2015.

Besides tourism, Rahim said, Kudat would also benefit from the increased oil exploration activities in offshore Sabah now that prospecting for oil and gas reserves in the marginal fields had become more viable against the backdrop of higher oil and gas prices.

Murphy Oil Corp, for example, was exploring for oil and gas reserves about 45 nautical miles offshore Sabah and this would also benefit local companies involved in logistics and aviation services as well as in food supplies, he said.

2,962 PTPTN borrowers paid back in full following 20 pc discount


A total of 2,962 National Higher Education Fund (PTPTN) borrowers paid back their loans in full following the 20 per cent discount offered in Budget 2013 to those who do so from October 1 to October 30 this year. Deputy Higher Education Minister Datuk Dr Hou Kok Chung said the total repayment amount was RM15 million.

“Of those who settled their loans, 191 were on PTPTN’s blacklist owing a total RM1.2 million,” he said when replying to questions on the matter from Datuk Mohamed Aziz (BN-Sri Gading) in the Dewan Rakyat yesterday. On the number of first class honours graduates granted exemption from repaying their PTPTN loans, Dr Hou said the number was 4,430 graduates who finished their studies from 2005 till 2009 but only 1,335 applied for the waiver.

He also said of borrowers who qualified to have their loans converted to scholarships for outstanding academic performance, Chinese students numbered the most at 9,598 followed by Malays (2,929), Indians (506) and others (159).

New Sabah Times



Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin minonongkisuau miampai vookon monongkibai pitimbungakan Kotoinaan Balajalan 2012, id Seremban, di koniab. Nokotindapou nogi Montili id Koupisan Vozoon Montili Senator Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon.
8th November, 2012

SEREMBAN: Mongingia, mohoingon mongingia om koponoinaan kahantazan di nakaanu do ijazah mantad po toi id sapalu timpu toi ko id siibo abaabazan Balajalan Tosodu pihion tuutulus kumaa Gred DG41 miampai au tagal tumindapou ponubungan, Tan Sri Muhyiddin pinopoboos di koniab.

Kumoduvo Huguan Montili minoboos mongingia dino kavasa mongupalai tuutulus kumaa Suruhanjaya Kotoinaan Balajalan (SPP) montok pohobuson mantad ponuubungan.

Muhiyiddin i nogi Montili Balajalan nga pinopoboos mongingia di opihi i kitangazan kahantazan id kinavas balajalan om ikhtisas ahapas nokopupus balajalan nga pihion tuutulus miampai au tagal ponuubungan sabaagi mongingia nohuda tumimpuun toun tiiso.

Vuhan nakatahib pinopoboos isido do dumadi mongingia i pihion nopo nga 30 piatus id suang tinimungan dioho miampai kapaasan 9A om anangan id suang boogizan mongingia.

Minoboos isido kiginumu do 2,960 tuhun tinimungan koiso graduan Institut Balajalan Mongingia (IPG) om institusi balajalan takavas polinta (IPTA) id suang boogizan balajalan poguhui ko 1 Vuhan Kotuu, potindoozon naamot do Komontilian Balajalan tumimpuun ko 16 Vuhan Koopod.

Tuubungon izioho do Suruhanjaya Kotoinaan Balajalan (SPP) tumimpuun baino diti gisom ko 6 Vuhan Koopod om Duvo, ka disido ontok minamason pinopoimagon Pitimbungakan Kotoinaan Balajalan 2012 naazu do SPP id doiti.

Minoboos isido montok calon kivaa ijazah ahapas Vuhan Koonom kiginumu 7,755, mositi papataak upalai kumaa SPP tumimpuun ko 1 Vuhan Koopod om Iso id lahan online, mositi mazaa portal SPP (montok calon IPGM) toi ko JobsMalaysia (Calon IPTA).

Vuhan Nakatahib pinopoboos i Muhyiddin do kiginumu 10,715 tuhun graduan IPGM om IPTA i momupus balajalan id suang balajalan nung kahantoi id suang ponubungan, pihion kumaa kalaja Upisol Kotoinaan Balajalan Siswazah (PPS) Gred DG41.

Minoboos isido maamaso polinta mongkimamaan monoodo pakej kalaja mongingia kavavagu id suang piipio fasa montok popoinsavat kualiti mongingia i popoompit pongkimamaan popoinsavat standard kosuangan, popoinsavat kosivatan kotundaan profesional potihombus tumanud kogunaan misosonguhun.

“Iti kaanu nodii mongingia kobuu id suang kalaja tumanud nangangazan om kompetensi, miampai monuidong koubasanan kahantazan profesionalisem kinontodonon tambahut miaga kalaja,” ka disido.

Montok popogiot vazaan kalaja mongingia, Kumoduvo Huguan Montili minonuu SPP mooi do maganu haang pragmatic montok popotindooi toihaan tavasi om vookon haang dino nopo nga mohoingon mongingia tumanud pihi montok popoinsavat motivasi om nangangazan miampai kosivatan koinsavatan pangkat.

Id sambahik dino montok mongintong kalaja mongingia nopo nga mantad boogizan tinimungan di tavasi, ikoton popitongkizad mositi todoon id lahan tavasi kopitanud miampai kosimbanan mongingia sabaagi kalaja pihi, ka disido.

Humansan i Muhyiddin asil pitimbungakan diti aanu monimbang sabaagi kosuangan id suang luputan kotundaan balajalan 2012-2025 i maamaso uhudon.

“Kiangkab zou nogi mangatag do asil pitimbungakan diti aanu moguhud montok dodizon palan haang di miiso mazaa kapanadaan iso makmal montok ampazaton puu mantad Komontilian Balajalan, SPP, Koupisan Kotoinaan Polinta (JPA), PEMANDU, MoF om suusuvai di osoou kosudong.

“Humansan zou mooi pitimbungakan diti adadi hongkod tavasi montok mongintutun kozo toihaan ngavi di tabaa om inovatif kopitanud miampai ikoton kosimbanan pogun montok popoinsavat kualiti sistom balajalan pogun.

“Kosimbanan toi ko kopomouangan vinasi id suang kotoinaan balajalan di potihombus, hoohobi nokozo id boogizan koinsavatan kabaahan om pinghudaan nopo nga kiguno tu ino kunci kopoguhu kumaa kabaahan kotoinaan balajalan,” ka disido.

Kiginumu do 10 kalatas kalaja pinahabus ontok pitimbungakan tohu tadau dino.

The Myth of Nunuk Ragang

 Myth & Legend Nunuk Ragang

In ancient times there was a ficus tree grows near a lake which located near the Village Tampias Sugut Lubuk district of Sandakan at present time. The tree was big and red in colour.  In the language of the Dusun or Kadazan people,  fig trees  means 'Nunuk Ragang'. 'Nunuk' means the ficus tree and 'ragang' means red. Also been told  at that time the place has not been inhabited by humans yet. The areas where the Nunuk Ragang located filled with jungle and inhabited only by the wild beasts. At that time there was a very big rooster, about as big as a buffalo live there. The Roosters are believed to have supernatural power. Follow the story below..

Human birth

One day a rooster was foraging the soil for food. Suddenly appear a handsome young man from the underground that being foraging by the cock. The cock continued foraging and scratching the ground. Not long after that comes out of a very beautiful girl. The two person were taken and preserved by the cock. After some time, their were married. The marriage produce several sons and daughters. Their descendants multiplied and eventually breed, the last inhabited area was initially no people. Over time it became more populated and the place name referred as 'The Nunuk Ragang' which 'believed' the ancestors and the descendants of those Dusun or Kadazan now.

The first man who emerged from the underground cock as appointed by the leaders of the place. He ruled with justice for the assistance of the rooster. Roosters live in red above the ficus tree. Along the red ficus tree rooster becomes the protector of humans who live there. The place is named Nunuk Ragang eventually takes its name from the red ficus tree itu.Nunak Ragang special from day to day growing more and more developed and populated. In the vicinity there are several streams and this rod makes it a fertile agricultural area and lucrative. Since then, residents lived Nunuk Ragang in peace and quiet for a while.

Ragang Tie

According to the story, at a time Nunak Ragang been 'attacked' and harassed by 'Ragang tie (red poop). Tie Ragang can not be described true nature. It looks like running water when viewed from a distance and sometimes the people who see it seems like human nature. Oddly Ragang Tie has brought the plague to anyone who is affected and touched it, but it is often fatal. In addition, Ragang Tie results also destroy crops and kill livestock animals into contact with it.

Therefore, many are the residents suffered pain and death, livestock and crops were destroyed even hit the pandemic. This make those Nunuk Ragang people feel very sad and worried. Finally, many of them leave the area and move to other safer areas. Thus, the split them all over the county and region, as there are at the present time.

The presence of the Underground

At another time, it was the rice planting season for Ragang Nunuk population. One day, while the villagers were busy retailer in upland rice they could hear other people call and come from under-ground. Ragang Nunak people feel wonder mixed with fear, and they complain that in each of their events. Finally they held a meeting and reached a consensus, they dig the soil from which were heard the voice call. When excavated, then terbukalah a large underground hole. Inside it was packed with people who may appear hard-hearted, pure bestial.

Ragang Nunuk people become more afraid even more so when he heard human speech was very strong underground and rough. Then the head of the underground man then said, with a very loud voice range thunderbolt, he said, "Thank you gentlemen ...... as we let go and this place is so good it feels to us as we have long been holed up in the basement. Now we want to live here anyway. You must go from here, if not we will destroy you all! ......... "

Heed the warning of the underground man, the person Nunuk Ragang fled to save themselves by their own. This incident also caused people Nunuk Ragang moved from their original places, and inhabit other districts in the state. Two events are from two different stories stating the reasons people Nunuk Ragang moved from its original place.

Group of people from the land already inhabited the area that has been abandoned by the Nunuk Ragang. Nevertheless, people still believe that underground and captain of the sacred chickens Nunuk Ragang still there. They will take revenge on them any times to, so a direct underground man determined to eliminate both of which are considered to be their enemy. Nunuk people Ragang together the princes, and her magical cock constantly hunted by humans underground.

After some time the underground man still not able to eradicate the princes, and the magic cock Nunuk Ragang. Finally went underground man settled in the area now known as the Tampias, they are in areas Labuk Sugut village in the district of Sandakan. Also told people that the Tampias people to this day are not very friendly with the people Dusun / Kadazan derived from Ragang Nunuk people. Human groundwater according to the human story is familiar but has been cursed by the gods because it is too much ground to make mischief in the land, and they transmitted live where a big hole in the ground. That's where they live and breed divert some time until they are released by the Nunuk Ragang.
Moving Tribal Kadazan / Dusun to Scattered Points

The anger and resentment human underground inexhaustible against the princes, and the magic cock Nunuk Ragang. It makes magic rooster flew away to a prince of the mountainous region now known as Ranau. With special power cock, it's leveling the muddy ground with legs and kepakuya, flick-nguiskannya place has been inhabited untak flat. Because the area is muddy and takes its original state, then the place was
named 'Selo' meaning 'mud' in Dusun / Kadazan.

Having leveled land there, then those who follow the prince moved even further open up residence there. They focus on activities with farming and animals and poultry such as chickens,
ducks and pigs.

As for man, under the soil still feels uneasy and concerned lest people come Nunuk Ragang avenged and attack them. Then the man from the basement to investigate and eventually they found out that people Nunuk Ragang in Ranau. Then, they moved over there to destroy the Ragang Nunuk this. Human arrival groundwater have been detected by magical cock, and before they could reach Ranau, magic rooster prince had flown Nunuk Ragang to another place together his followers and the place became known as Tambunan.

In the new site as the previous last magical male epileptic help nobles with flick-nguis and leveling of land to be residential areas Ragang Nunuk people. It is known also eventually by humans from underground and they became increasingly angry with the Nunuk Ragang, especially on the magic cock and they continued to determined untak remove it.

As usual behavior of roosters crowing every morning it will be, so this magical cock. Kokokannya sound was very loud to hear to Ranau and other places that are quite far from the crowed place. According to the story, the sound of a rooster Kokokan which led people from the underground track position and captain chicken Nunuk Ragang. Then the man from the ground moved over to Tambunan. Like before the magic rooster knew in advance of their arrival and continued the prince flew to another named Apin-Apin. There they also open new residence.

Since people from the underground soil  only to avenge the so-called chief Nunuk Ragang and her magical cock. While others remained settled in places that have been opened by the magical cock and those that  called as Nunuk Ragang people.

Because of the ruler Nunuk Ragang soon inhabit Tambunan then had to move to Apin-Apin, he appointed a deputy named 'Gombunan' as chief Nunuk Ragang people who lived there. Hence the name Tambunan was named after their leader appointed by the chief earlier. After a new place (Tambunan) has not got his name again at that time.

In Apin-Apin, like other places that opened earlier, chief Nunuk Ragang and her magical cock can not stay long because humans from direct underground detection. As usual, the last magical rooster flew the chief about Nunuk Ragang to another place farther in the interior which is then referred to as Keningau. As the rooster usually leveling the area to be a residence. In place for the time being there are a lot of trees 'cinnamon', then the last place named 'Keningau' in Dusun / Kadazan which means 'cinnamon'.

Chieftain & Magic Rooster Death.

Not long in the magic rooster Keningau was sick and went to her parents dead because it was then implanted somewhere in there. Interval, not long after, chief Nunuk Ragang also breathed well as aging. With the death of the two beings who are always hunted by humans from the land, then they would stop hunting and hostile people Nunuk Ragang.

Death magic cock and chief Ragang Nunuk people that cause men to feel something precious has been lost from them. This is a great blow to them. Truly magical cock so much honor to the tribe Momogun in opening some areas their abode. If observed, (even to this day) most places inhabited by people Momogun (Dusun / Kadazan) is in the hills and mountains that seem to have leveled. Particularly those Momogun Rungus will believe this story.

Nunuk Ragang tree left by the people near the lake Momogun is said to have been cut down and destroyed by humans from underground now believed to be descended from the Tampias People in Sabah.

Translated By: Harry George

Red tape traced to Rais' Ministry

The red tape that is hampering Sabah's efforts in getting World Heritage Site status for the Maliau Basin, Imbak Canyon and Danum Valley is on the part of the Federal Ministry of Culture, Arts and Information headed by Datuk Seri Rais Yatim.

Daily Express understands that while Sabah is trying very hard to push for the status, the Director General of the Heritage Council under the Ministry had declared she would only endorse it if the State is agreeable to placing these Sabah environment icons under their administration and management upon listing.

Sources in the know said that the State Government vehemently opposed the suggestion because this would be going against the Malaysia Agreement, in particular the stipulation that land is a state matter and one that is very sensitive.

"Agreeing to the condition will mean indirect federalisation of State land," said the source, leaving the State Government helpless to attacks by the opposition eager to portray the Federal Government as colonisers.

Meanwhile, in the earlier report, the Federal Minister who has been urged to be more pro-active in the Heart of Borneo (HoB) initiative involving Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia is the Environment Minister and not the Tourism Minister.

Daily Express-9 Nov 2012

DPM: Exit policy will ensure only the best teachers are retained


An exit policy has to be effectively implemented in the teaching profession to ensure only the best are retained as teachers. Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said the move was in line with the government's aim to transform the profession and to encourage the best brains to become teachers. "We will introduce pragmatic steps to retain the better ones and among these are to allow teachers to teach their options so that they will remain motivated and better promotion opportunities," he said when opening the Education Service Conference here on Wednesday. There are some 408,000 teachers in the country.

The move to introduce an exit policy for all civl servants was mooted some time ago but had yet to be implemented due to objections from certain quarters. The policy allows the authorities to terminate the services of employees with a poor track record or those with disciplinary problems.

Muhyiddin said there was also a pressing need to transform the profession as a study by the Higher Education Leadership Academy last year showed that only 50% of teaching was carried out effectively. "And with 60% of the existing teachers expected to be in service in the next 20 years, we want teachers to continuously improve their standards," he said adding that this was also why the ministry had decided to offer teaching opportunities to 30% of those who scored 9As in their SPM from next year.

Muhyiddin, who is also Education Minister, said the ministry also plans to do away with trainee teachers being automatically given postings if their performances were unsatisfactory.

"Only those who performed well and achieved excellent results will be offered these jobs in future," he said. On a separate matter, Muhyiddin said the Education Service Commission (ESC) has decided to offer graduates who excelled a career in teaching without requiring them to sit for an interview.

Similarly, he said headmasters and teachers who complete their tertiary education would also be considered for promotion to the DG41 level without them having to sit for an interview. "All they need to do is to notify the ESC once they complete their studies and they will be exempted from attending interviews," he said.

Sources: The Star

The Bridge Of Tamparuli Sabah

The low bridge of Tamparuli is a type of beam bridge – I have seen bridges of similar design in the state but as far as I can remember, none is as long as this one.

The bridge in construction in  1954 – note the apparent lack of heavy machinery

Tamparuli LOw Bridge in construction 1954
[Photo credit: Norsalman Ujang]

Before the bridge was built, lorries were parked on the riverbank – hence the name “Tempat Lori” which later became Tamparuli. I think this kind of design is very rare nowadays especially for a bridge of this length, due to the fact that it doesn’t have any railings on the sides. Therefore it’s not surprising to see vehicles ending up in the river.

Then the brand new bridge looking downstream – the legendary hanging bridge was not yet built – that would be in 1965

Tamparuli LOw Bridge brand new
[Photo credit: Norsalman Ujang]

What I find amazing is that many of the supporting beams have been reported to be “floating” i.e. they do not touch bottom anymore, so effectively the whole bridge is one long span, between 50-70m long, yet they carry practically unlimited load daily, plus beatings from floodwaters all these years.

The bridge is also famous for the legend of Solungkoi, a beautiful young local maiden who was betrothed to Serigal, a corporal in the army, who loved getting drunk more than his fiancee.

As the story goes, Solungkoi was abducted (by who?), put inside a glass-like thing (a huge specially made bottle?), and buried alive under one of the bridge’s beams nearest the riverbank leading to Kiulu road, in order to ensure the bridge’s strength. Intriguingly, stories also abound of her photograph placed either at the bottom of the river or stuck on one of the beams, underwater.

The provider of the photo above, Nursalman Ujang said that he was shooting prawns near the first beam nearest Sabah Adventist Secondary School (SASS) in 1982 when he saw what looks like a “photo in a mirror”, around 4R in size and attached to that beam, about 3 feet from bottom. He also claims to have heard the sound of beating gongs coming from the bottom of the bridge.

Another story mentioned that there’s another body, that of a man, name unknown, who was also killed in the same manner as Solungkoi, and buried under one of the bridge’s beams at the other end of the bridge – meaning Solungkoi and this person were buried on opposite sides of the riverbank.

Copy and pasted from: website

SS- 4WD Muzzle Car

Tremendously attached with the hardcore 4WD modified car was my priority as a new hobby for my next year calender. Many of my friends had joined the so-called SS-Team or 4WD team and got big engine car. Recently one of my friend bought Suzuki Jeep and in the process of changing his car as one of the highly modified 4WD car. I really like to use the term " Muzzle Car" because, the upgraded to it limit. Usually before modified the CC of a Suzuki Jeep was 1.3cc but after being modified it can be 3.0cc to 4.0cc. Even the leaf will be shaking when the engine start. I been planing to buy Suzuki Jeep and modified it, changed it engine, adding turbo acceleration  and far can be imagine crossing the flooding rivers of Kepuakon.. Huh..  

My fellow teachers at SK Naradan were sharing the same hobby for having muzzle car and in process of planing to create one 4x4wd/ss group here at Nawanon. I'm planning to add hardcore accessories to my D-Max 3.0cc so that it look like an extreme powerful 4WD car. The road to my school still in the bad condition and that was a big challenge for us to drove our car there. We need at least one spare car to keep our "Expensive Car Save". At the same time we have created a good new hobby beside planting oil palm and rubber tree. There are a lot to share but it will appear soon for my next blog posting. 

Picture: Borneo Safari FB

My Life My Stories: King Diamond

One of the best ever Heavy Metal album that I really like to listen in my teenage days was the so-called "Them" by the heavy metal group King Diamond. Although the lyrics sometime consist with bad word but the music style that this band bring really impress me much. Beside King Diamond, I like to listen to Metallica, Iron Maiden, Megadeath, AC-DC, Black Sabbath, Slayer and Testament.  

"Them" is an album by King Diamond released in 1988 on Roadrunner Records.

It is the first of two fictional concept albums about King and his mentally ill grandmother, the second of these being Conspiracy. King falls into a harrowing descent into madness via his grandmother and the voices in the House of Amon, known to the listener only as "Them". This album has sold over 200,000 copies in North America alone.

As the album opens, a young King and his mother and sister are welcoming King's grandmother home from a mental asylum. That night, King investigates strange voices and discovers his grandmother having a tea party alone, with the teacups and kettles floating in the air. King is promptly sent back to bed.

On another occasion, Grandma awakens King and tells him that she will teach him about Amon, their house, over a cup of tea. Grandma cuts King's sleeping mother's hand and adds her blood to the teapot. The voices of the house ("Them") begin to affect King with a drug-like effect. King's sister Missy tries to convince King that they should do something to help their mother, who is unconscious under "their" power, but his judgment is clouded due to his altered state. He refuses to call for help and cuts the phone line. At tea, Missy interrupts and furiously expresses concern about her mother's state and breaks the teapot. "They", in response to the breaking of "their" teapot, chop Missy into bits with an axe and throw the remains into the fireplace in the kitchen. King is snapped out of his "spell," and he stumbles outside and pieces together the events that transpired.

After fainting and regaining consciousness, he decides to attack his grandmother. He notices that "their" power is weakened outside of the house, so he lures his grandmother outside and kills her. The voices of Amon continue to haunt the boy as he is questioned by police and incarcerated in an asylum. Years later, he is released and returns home to find his grandmother and the voices of Amon are still very much alive.

Track listing

No. Title
1. "Out From the Asylum"   King Diamond 1:44
2. "Welcome Home"   King Diamond 4:36
3. "The Invisible Guests"   King Diamond 5:04
4. "Tea"   King Diamond 5:15
5. "Mother's Getting Weaker"   King Diamond, Andy LaRocque 4:02
6. "Bye, Bye Missy"   King Diamond 5:08
7. "A Broken Spell"   King Diamond, Andy LaRocque 4:08
8. "The Accusation Chair"   King Diamond 4:21
9. ""Them"" (Instrumental) King Diamond, Andy LaRocque 1:56
10. "Twilight Symphony"   King Diamond 4:10
11. "Coming Home"   King Diamond 1:11

Sources and Picture: Wikipedia.

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