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Tamparuli Sabah - A place to visit

Tamparuli Sabah was known as an old town rich with cultural value and fascinating places. The town located in the middle of Tuaran District, 36KM from the main city of Kota Kinabalu, easy to be found and a lot of surprises waiting for the visitors. The visitor will be fascinated with The Extreme Para Gliding Sport, The legendary of “Bukit Perahu”, Hatob-hatob Waterfall, Hanging Bridge and The Old Suspension Bridge Made by the British in the early 50s, The one and only "The Upside House Of Borneo" and Chantek Borneo Gallery if you visit Tamparuli Sabah. ( Please read more inside this website). For local tourist who likes to travel outside Malaysia, you can e-mail to D7tours and Travel Co through For International tourist who wish to visit Sabah The Land Below The Wind, you can e-mail or call to our correspondent travel agency:

D7-TRAVEL AND TOURS-Registered Travel and Tours Co
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Harry George

New Champion for Asean AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 - Malaysia

New Champion for Asean AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 - Malaysia

Indonesia beat Malaysia 2-0 but lost the Cup.

We should proud for our National Team that win the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 beating Indonesia with aggregate 4-2. Malaysia National Football team start with the title of underdog and criticize by Malaysian fan with their starting game between Indonesia which their lost the game. I know many of Malaysian, Sabahan and Tamparulian are waiting for this big win. After 14 years finally the AFF Suzuki Cup come to Malaysia and we are surely proud with this biggest win. I think we are back again to our golden era in the late 70s to the middle 80s and hopefully it will continue until Malaysia qualified for World Cup.

The Final game started with the Indonesian forcing the Malaysian Team to defend and keep on attacking but fail to score in the first half. Awarded by the Australian referee a penalty but the captain for Indonesian national team fail to score. Many try on goal made by the Indonesian Team but the result is still the same they fail to score. In the second half Idonesian trying their best to score but Malaysia first hits the net scored by Saffie the number 10 striker. Before the game ends Idonesia score two goal but it useless and the new winner for Asean Cup 2010 is Malaysia.

Idonesian Football team have shown their very best in this final game but the luck goes to Malaysia and we should proud for it. Thanks to the National Team Coach and the scorer for the Malaysian Team. All the best for Malaysian Team and hopefully tomorrow our Prime Minister will announce National Holiday for Malaysia.... hahaha just joking. Congratulation to Malayisan Football Team which won this prestiges AFF Suzuki Cup 2010.

Story By: Harry George
Picture: Google Images
Date: 29/12/2010 - Time published 10.00pm

Price Of Product In Malaysia Increase 2010!!

Price Of Product In Malaysia Increase 2010!!

Malaysian Product Increase - People Income?

Couple week ago before Christmas Day, I was so frustrated when the price of goods/product such as vegetable, fish, meat and other grocery product increase without warning!!!. in Tamparuli market and grocery store affected by this situation. I felt disappointed when I wanted to buy things to celebrate Christmas and New Year! Why? I had ask one of the seller at the Vegetable Market in Tamparuli and she said to me that their distributor increase the price and they are force to increase their goods also because of that. The Distributor increase their supply because the increase of petrol and other product that relevant to their business. The Price of Petrol increase RM0.10 and I think that kind of increment is not giving any impact to their business. Although the price of Rubber and Sawit increase but we as servant of private or government sector did not have any drastic increment of our income yet. This not fair for us! who should be blame? Anyway this is only my expression from this situation... Hopefully the government can make solution to tackle this problem. The Ministary Of Consumer affair should take action to this "Blood Sucking" who like to increase the price of good without looking to the public situation. Stop Them.... To continue reading please read the article below adapted from Thanks

Title in Malay:-

Gelombang Kenaikan Harga Barang di Malaysia 2010 !!



If the British government chose to reduce the deficit in their country by cutting the wealth that being enjoyed by the British cabinet, the government of Malaysia have their own way. Think have thought, the government finally met at a mechanism to address them.

The Government of Malaysia was chosen to reduce the cost of subsidies because they can not bear it anymore. Malaysia Government said that, this is the best way to prevent leakages and the subsidies enjoyed by the affluent. The result from this situation is below ...

Petrol Prices Increase:

The government will raise the price of petrol at the rate of 10 cents for every liter, petrol price now is RM1.80 (RON 95). The Malaysian Government hopes that it will helps to reduce the budget deficit that will continue to increase petrol prices by 20 cents per liter in 2011. The same will happen two petrol prices by 20 cents per liter in 2012 and further increases in petrol prices will goes the same.

Toll Price Hike:

Discussions between the NSE and the LDP, which suggests that all concession agreements will continue without subsidy and this would mean that the rise in toll prices between 10-67 percent for 2010.

Gas Price Hike

Gas prices will rise until the RM3/MMBTU for every 6 months. The increase of gas prices every six months RM3/MMBTU to say according to the will berlkau increase the tariff rates of 1.6 cents / kWh (every six months) for non power sector and power sector.

Electricity Tariff Increase:

Approximately 56 percent of households would not be affected by this wave of cutting subsidies. For customers who use less than 200 kWh will not increase their charges. For consumers who have electric bills of RM20 and below will continue to get electricity for free until December 2010. In the same time strategic industries will be protected. Maximize profits by Microsoft

Sugar Price Increase:

Sugar prices would increase by 20 cents for each kilogram. The increase in sugar price will apply to every 6 months until the year 2012.

Flour Price Increase:

Meal prices will increase by 20 cents / kg in 2010 while the rate of increase of 25 sen per kg in 2011

Cooking Oil Price Increase:

The price of cooking oil will rise by 15 per cent for every kg of this year (2010) and 2011. After that the rate of increase in cooking oil is 5% until the year 2014.

This result is obtained after the government cut policy is carried out:
2010 - RM3 billion
2011 - RM14 billion
2012 - RM21 billion
2013 - RM29.5 billion
2014 - RM35 billion

Finally, the price of other goods will increase began in 2010 following the cutting of subsidies, this would allow the amount of national savings for a period of 5 years estimated at RM103 billion

Adapted from:
Story arrangement and modification: Harry George
Picture: Berita

Pj Foods Pengedar Rempah Ratus

Pj Foods Pengedar Rempah Ratus

Pj Foods - Rempah Ratus

For all Tamparulian that really like to eat curry or Tom Yam you can try this recipes. I got this recipes from my older brother who now settle at Kuantan, Pahang. It really tasty and so nice to eat. This product have yet not reach in Sabah but he had brought me some sample from Kuantan, Pahang and it really taste good. Any Tamparulian who is interested to buy this product you can call him or oder it online or your can become a stockist for him by contacting and e-mailing the details below.

Mr Azlee Abdullah George
H/P: 019-904-3499

Free Promotion

'" Perencah Tom Yam "

Tom Yam seasoning

If you are like Tom Yam, make sure you try the Tom Yam Food flavoring from Ayu Puteri completed with lemongrass, garlic, tamarind juice, salt and seasonings. Tom Yam flavor and it aroma will come really tasty when it combined with lemon grass and lime leaves. Tom Yam seasoning from Puteri Ayu is a product that is loved by all the lovers who like to eat Tom Yam flavor in Malaysia.Puteri Ayu Pack also comes with recipes and the method of how to cook it.

TOM YAM Recipes


1. Tom Yam 80g Puteri Ayu flavor
2. 1 / 2 cup cooking oil
3. 1 cup water
4. 800g chicken / shrimp / squid / meat
5. 200g vegetables
6. 5 lime leaves
7. 3 stalks lemon grass (crushed)
8. 1 liter of water


Mix Tom Yam flavor with a cup of water to paste. Cook the oil and then sauté just until paste fragrant. Put the crushed lemon grass and lime leaves. Put one liter water and chicken / shrimp / squid / meat and cook over medium heat until boiling. Put the vegetables and cook until ready to serve.

For Reservation Please Contact: -
Mr. Abdullah Azlee
H / P: 019-9043499

Story By: Harry George
Sources: Azlee Abdullah George@Stanley
Picture: Pj Foods

Majlis Daerah Tamparuli?

Majlis Daerah Tamparuli?

Majlis Daerah Tamparuli?

Is it the Tamparuli District need it's own Tamparuli District Council ? Tamparuli District Council in details is about a local council/authority that administrate it own town together with District Office by collecting tax, making building for small enterpriser, collecting rubbish, approving licences, inspecting the town area and many more to provide excellent services for the public of Tamparuli District. The Different between District Council and District Office is the District Council is a local authority that manage it own town but for District Office is under the State Government. The main objective for this article is weather Tamparuli Town need it own Local Authority or not? Although Tamparuli Town have it own District Office but it's still under the jurisdiction from Tuaran District Office. We want to be free from Tuaran District Jurisdiction. If we have our own local authority, we do not have to go to Tuaran District Council anymore to apply for shop and so forth. Tamparuli Town is still under the jurisdiction from Majlis Daerah Tuaran or Tuaran District Council. All the tax, payment and registering small business services fee are collected by this local council. We need our own local authority to manage our own district. The income will be used to develop our town without interfering from Tuaran District Council.

If the authority do not want to established new local council at Tamparuli, why don't we upgrade our own District authority. All the decision will be made by Tamparuli District Office and that mean we have our own district and not defending to Tuaran Authority. We must have the title Tamparuli District not "Small District of Tamparuli". It better than right now. Although we see a lot of development at Tamparuli Town but we want to manage our own Town and District. Within 5 years from now hopefully we will see our own district can manage it self without any help from Tuaran District Authority. Tamparuli District is capable to manage it town and we also can produce good leader to manage our own town. Tamparulian wants our local origin to control and manage our town.

In order to have a develop town we must have our own local authority to manage it. It only an oppinion from me and I really like to appreciate thanks for the local authority to provide us more development than before. Our Datuk also has been contributing the development of Tamparuli and hopefully he will continue his effort until Tamparuli become a city someday. See you next article. Happy Holiday.

Story: Harry George
Picture: Tamparuli Sabah/
Date: 28/12/2010

AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 - 1st Leg To Glory After 14 Years.

Malaysia Beat Indonesia 3-0

I am proud to become a Malaysian, I felt really happy when Malaysia beat Indonesia 3-0 yesterday night in the first leg finals of Suzuki Cup. Before this Suzuki Cup was call as a Tiger Cup and the famous country always win it is Singapore and Thailand. Malaysia is waiting 14 years to get and win another international cup and hofully we will win this Suzuki Cup. I thinks that the Malaysian football is improving just like our golden days where Malaysia is qualified for the olympic games in Moskow USSR but Malaysia boycott the game because USSR attack afganistan. We as a Tamparulian must support Malaysia National Team and we will beat Indonesia to lift up the Suzuki Cup. Below is the full report of the games adapted from Bernama.

Dec 27, 2010
KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 27 (Bernama) -- Malaysia will go to Jakarta well cushioned after beating Indonesia 3-0 in the first leg of the 2010 AFF-SUZUKI Cup final at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil here Sunday night.Mohd Safee Mohd Sali was the Malaysian hero, scoring two goals, in the 59th and 71 minutes. Mohamad Ashari Samsudin's contribution came in the 67th minute.The return match will be played at the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium in Jakarta this Wednesday to decide who will lift the cup.Playing before a crowd of 85,000, Malaysia started aggressively, launching a series of attacks. The Indonesians were no pushoevers, and had a fair share of the ball as they pushed foward.About ten minutes after the break, with the match goaless, the atmosphere became tense when Indonesian coach Alfred Riedl complained to referee Toma Masaaki of Japan that a laser beam had been directed at his goalkeeper.

The game was stopped for five minutes to allow the situation to cool. Indonesian fans threw mineral water bottles into the field while Malaysian supporters hurled fire crackers.The two sides became involved in a close tussle, but the charges of K.Rajagobal prevailed when Safee Sali scored Malaysia's first goal.Eight minutes later, Mohamad Ashari Samsudin, who replaced Amirulhadi Zainal, made it 2-0 with a close range shot off a pass from Norshahrul who eluded three defenders.

Mohd Safee nodded in the third goal from a pass that Mahalli Jasuli delivered from outside the penalty box.Rajagobal said at the post-match press conference that he was very satisfied with the performance of his team."In the first half, the players were more defensive. During the break I told them this was the time for us to obtain a good advantage to take to Indonesia," he said. Riedl noted that the final first-leg was a difficult task for his team because of the scoreline."The Malaysian first goal was the turning point for the Indonesian team as they lost focus on their game. I think there is a little chance to win it in Jakarta but we need to take risks," he said.

Story By: Harry George
Sources: Bernama
Picture: Google Images

Candle Light

Candle Light
St John Tuaran Parish Counsel

Tuaran will be organizing Candle Night Ligt at St Joseph Tombongon on the 23rd December 2010. Candle light is a yearly program that organize between 20th - 23rd December every year. The objective is to gather all the carolers in Tuaran Parish and their preparation to celebrate Christmas. At first it is aiming to all the carolers only but with a little bit of modification this program is now aiming for family gathering that they call "1 Family".

The theme for this program is " Penginjilan Semula Melalui Keluarga ". This theme is very concern more about relationship between family members. This may not be achieve if the relationship between family member are not the first concern. What the parish wish with this program is to get the parent to be involve.Thanks to St John Tuaran Sabah.

The Tentative is Below:

5.00pm : Arival ( Carolers and Parents )
6.00pm : Speech from Rev Father / Program Coordinator / MPP
7.00pm : Christmas Glory
7.30pm : Singing - Carolers
10.30pm: Closing - Rev Farther

"We wish you Merry Christmas and May God Bless you all"

- Merry Christmas 2010 and Happy New Year 2011 -

Story: Mackley George and Lawrence Peter
Sources: St John Tuaran Parish
Picture: Google Image

Heart Disease

Heart Disease

Heart Dease No 1 Killer In Malaysia
Heart Attack, Causes and Preventation.

Many youngster are not familiar with this type of diseases. Heart Disease is one of the No1 killer diseases in Malaysia nowadays. Malaysian Government is currently campaigning to fight this disease by using local media such RTM and newspaper. With the help from Health Ministry, Government can at least give information to create awareness for the public that this heart disease is really dangerous for the nation. I live in Tamparuli for the past 32 years and I seeing a lot of middle age ( 40s to 60s ) people in Tamparuli being affected by this diseases. There is no cure for this disease but we can prevent it by living with healthy style. Stop this Heart Disease to have a better life.

Heart disease is the number one cause of death in adults in Malaysia. Heart disease, stroke and peripheral arterial disease is a deadly disease. Worldwide, the number of patients is growing. The third category of disease is not separated from the unhealthy lifestyle of many done in tandem with the changing pattern of life. These factors trigger a heart attack is a cigarette, eat foods high cholesterol, lack of movement, lazy to exercise, stress, and less rest.

Introduction Heart

The heart is an organ such as muscle, cone-shaped, hollow and with basisnya above and below the peak. Apex his (top) tilted to the left. Heart weight about 300 grams. For cardiac function as an efficient pump, the heart muscle, and the hollow cavity of the need to contract in turn. The rate of heart beat or pulse-pumping work is handled naturally by a "regulator of the rhythm." It consists of a group in particular, called nodes sinotrialis, which is located right in the foyer wall. An electrical impulse is transmitted from the node into the second platform sinotrialis make them contract simultaneously. This electric current then proceed to the walls of the room, which in turn makes the rooms contracted simultaneously. The period of contraction called systole. Furthermore, this period followed by a short relaxation period - about 0.4 seconds - which is called diastole, before the next impulse comes. Lymph sinotrialus produces between 60 to 72 impulses like this every minute when the heart is relaxed. Production of these impulses is controlled by a system of nerves called the autonomic nervous system, which worked out to our wishes. Built-in electrical system is the result of contraction of heart muscle contraction called heart rate.

Risk Factors of Coronary Heart Disease

Entering the age of 45 years for men. It is very important for men to realize their vulnerability and take positive action to prevent any future heart disease. For women, the age of 55 years or premature menopause (as a result of the operation). Women began to follow the man in the risk of heart disease after menopause. Family history of heart disease. History of heart attack in the family is often a consequence of abnormal cholesterol profiles.


Most people with diabetes die not because of increased blood sugar levels, but due to complications of their heart condition.

Smoking risk of heart disease is equivalent to 100 pounds overweight - so there may equate the two.

High blood pressure (hypertension).

Overweight (obesity). Central obesity (abdominal bulging) is a form of obesity. Although all obese people are likely to have heart disease risk, those with central obesity, more so.
A bad lifestyle. A bad lifestyle is one of the root causes of heart disease - and replace it with a physical activity is one of the most radical measures to be taken.

Many studies have shown that, when facing a tense situation, the heart can be affected.

Heart Attack

Heart attack is a condition when the damage sustained by the heart muscle (myocardium) is reduced sharply due to the blood supply to the heart muscle. Reduced blood supply to the heart suddenly can occur when one of the coronary artery blockage for some time, either due to spasm - coronary artery tighten - or blood freezing - thrombus. Parts of the heart muscle that is usually in the supply of the heart to stop functioning properly blocked and soon splasme pleased with itself, the symptoms disappeared and the overall functioning of the heart muscle is completely normal again. This is often called crescendo angina or coronary insufficiency. Conversely, when the blood supply to the heart at a standstill, the cells are concerned that a permanent change in just a few hours and referred to the heart muscle or decreasing the quality of permanently damaged. Dead muscle is called infarction.

Symptoms of Heart Attack

These symptoms are different for each of the ordinary people. A heart attack may begin with pain that is not clear, a vague discomfort, or feeling of chest tightness medially. Sometimes, a heart attack caused only minor discomfort once so often misinterpreted as indigestion, or even get out of concern at all. In this case, the only possible way of a heart attack is when an ECG should undergo screening for other reasons that may not be relevant. On the other hand, a heart attack may represent the worst pain ever experienced - a sense of the extraordinary difficulty or feel stuck in the chest, throat or stomach. It could also pour hot or cold sweats, legs feel pain and fear that death is approaching. Also may feel more comfortable when sitting than when lying down and breathing may not be so crowded so relaxing. Nausea and dizziness and even vomiting, and even more of that when it comes to collapse and unconsciousness. There are a number of more specific symptoms, including: Pain. If the muscles are not getting enough blood, it is not enough oxygen and the metabolism of excessive cramp or spasm. Angina is a feeling of tightness in the chest or a feeling of chest-knead kneaded, which arises when the heart muscle not getting enough blood. The type and severity of pain or discomfort varies in each person. Some people are facing shortage of blood flow can not feel any pain at all (a condition called silent ischemia). Shortness of breath is a common symptom found in heart failure. Tightness is a result of the influx of fluid into the air cavity in the lungs (pulmonary congestion or pulmonary edema). Fatigue or exhaustion. If the heart is not pumping effectively, the blood flow to muscles during activity will decrease, causing the patient to feel weak and tired. These symptoms are often mild. To overcome this, patients often reduce their activity gradually or calculate these symptoms as part of aging. Palpitations (heart palpitations) Dizziness & fainting. Decrease in blood flow due to the pulse or heart rhythm is abnormal, or because the pumping ability of the poor, can cause dizziness and fainting.

Early Warning Signs

However, once one of the opinion that a heart attack came as the lightning in the air. Heart attack is the culmination of a process of catastrophic damage that lasts a long time, which often involves emotional shocks, disturbances of physiological and mental fatigue. Early warning signs are so subjective and so disguised, so even physicians who are trained to objectively measure of all things can still be ignored.


Based on the perceived symptoms, a doctor can make a regular arrangement of the symptoms that indicate a heart attack or not. Suspicion may be reinforced by the appearance of the patient, the level of blood pressure and heartbeat sounds. Doctors may be sent to the ECG and blood test, but if we still feel the pain, the doctor will probably give an injection that remove pain before the inspection. This is because the pain can be brought to the brink of fear that is in, which can cause symptoms of heart failure. Pain can also cause long-term psychological impact. The first ECG may not show signs of heart attack and possible inspections should be repeated. Sometimes a second test still shows no change, and for this case, the diagnosis will rely on blood tests. The heart, like all other body cells, contain special chemicals called enzymes. When heart cells are damaged, enzymes are released together with circulating blood flow. After a heart attack, the most direct enzyme increased, but then the enzymes quickly break down and therefore not detected again after a day or two, there is a new enzyme that released a few hours or a few days and then remain in the blood for several days or even weeks.

Assuming one of heart disease

Heart disease only occurs in obese people
Heart disease can not be the child or young person
Women free of heart disease
Heart disease is only one kind of
Healthy heart, no heart could be
There was no relation with stroke
Heart disease is a hereditary disease
Heart disease can not be prevented
Because heart disease is often shocked
Heart disease often eat menu appears for banana

Hopefully this information can at least give you guideline to prevent this diseases. Thanks.

Story By: Harry George
Sources: Wikipedia, Government Media Campaign
Picture: Google Images

Amanah Saham Bumiputra

Amanah Saham Bumiputra

Saving That Guarantee Your Investment With High Interest and Dividend Rate.

Happy to see that so many Tamparulian making their last saving at the post office last week and off course their are investing their money into the Amanah Saham Bumiputra saving account. As far as I remember I used to save a lot of money in my ASB saving account and got a lot of return form it. Many of the old folk and middle age in Tamparuli used to save their money at the post office compare with other bank institution. ASB is a unit trust and there no loss when you save your money there. The Interest Rate is high compare with other commercial banks and you will satisfy with the return. I am giving my opinion to the youngster in Tamparuli to save more and my recommendation is Amanah Saham Bumiputra. This so call ASB is only for the "Bumiputra" and we need to thank to the government for this service.

" Saving Is The Best Way To Create A Delightfull Future "

To learn more about this ASB, the article below is for you as your reference. Below is an article discussing about ASB Loan. For full info about ASB, Your can log on to: Permodalan Nasional Berhad. Happy reading...

Sunday, November 30, 2008
Loan for ASB investment

I guessed I never really wrote about this at all. Amanah Saham Bumiputera, or ASB, is one unit trust that's created specifically for Bumiputera people in Malaysia. I guessed ASB itself need no introduction as most of the non-Malay friends that I knew heard about ASB before. With relatively high incentive percentage rate, it makes most investors drool at it.

But that's not the main point for the discussion. I'll be touching more on ASB loans offered by some banks such as Maybank and Bumiputera Commerce Bank. A lot of people I know were put off by having the idea of taking loans to save money. But I have my points.

Point 1 - Dividend payout
First of the points that people always raise when I talked about this topic is, why take loans when you can save your own money into ASB and don't have to pay the bank a single cent? Yes, i agree with that point that you can save money by your own effort and put it in the ASB account every month. But are we getting the maximum effect?

ASB calculates the dividend by month of investment, i.e if you put your money in January that year, you'd have 12 months of dividend when they calculate the dividend for you, but you'll have only 3 months of dividend if you started saving the money in October the same year. For the sake of illustrations, let me give you an example. Every month, starting from last month (January), i keep RM700/month until the end of the year - i'll have RM8400 in my ASB account at the end of the year. Let's say ASB declared 10% dividend for this year, so you'll get RM840 in dividend.

WRONG! Remember when I said ASB will give you the dividend pro-ratedly? So you'll get something like RM455 only for that year (do the calculation yourself - if you are stuck, let me know i'll help you out).

Compared to taking the loan, i'm going to use this example. Let's say I'm taking a RM100,000 loan for maximum of 20 years, and i have to pay the installment of, say, RM750/month. The same dividend payout as the example above, and I'll have RM10,000 of dividend in my account. Yes, I may already be paying RM9,000 as installment, but I still have RM1,000 balance. And if I didn't take the dividend out and let it continue for the next years to come, I'll be filling up my ASB account (max RM300,000) in 7-8 years time.

Point 2 - Consistency in saving
OK, I'm still not convinced, you may say. I can keep money better than you do, so I don't need the ASB loan, you continued. Bravo, if you can have the discipline to save money. But can we? I know I can't consistently save money without being forced to - i have just too many evils around me that will do anything to entice my money away. With loan, I'll have something to commit on, and I'll have to find money to pay the installment no matter how tight my cashflow was that month. And don't tell me that you don't have the craving to upgrade to a bigger car, splurge a "little" on some fine dining when you have that extra cash.

I have to be forced. And so far, I'm loving it as I can managed to get my house down payment money from the dividends I got from the ASB loan

Point 3 - Lower loan interest
Yes, it's still based on BLR. But it's way cheaper than what i took initially - 4.5% for 1st year, BLR - 0.5% for 2nd year, BLR + 0.4% thereafter was what I was on earlier. As updated by my Maybank advisor (chewah!), the loan interest now is like this - BLR - 0.3% for 1st 3 years, BLR - 0.5% thereafter, and RM42 (only!) for processing fee. I paid like > RM600++ for processing when I took mine like 3 yrs back.

It didn't take me long to end my earlier loan to sign up for this. And oh, for settlement of that ASB loan (since i took for 20 yrs but opt out earlier), I'll get whatever money that I have already paid minus the interest. And I got the insurance premium back as well.

I don't have more points, as by point 3, i was already convinced that i needed help (externally) to save money. Eventhough it may meant I have to pay extra to the bank. I still save whatever extra money I have to ASB (although not much yet lah).

By the way, if you think I'm getting something out of this topic, think again. If you are interested, then good for you and please approach the nearest Maybank branch for more info. By the way also, only Bumiputeras need apply I'll leave the part why I can invest in ASB for another day's discussion.

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Story By: Harry George
Picture: PNB

Hospital Berungis Tuaran

Hospital Berungis Tuaran

Hospital Tuaran, New looks and Upgraded Inside The Hospital

Tamparuli have approximately about 20k resident. When measuring the development of certain places we must look into the facility provided by the government such as Hospital, Education, safety and a good public services. Although Tamparuli rarely have all these facility but if compare with Tuaran, it just like 3 to 1. In this article I will focus on the health facility provided by the government agency in Tamparuli district. If we go to Tamparuli every Wednesday Morning and during that day is Tamu Day, the Clinic in Tamparuli is full with patients and it seem like the Dispensary cannot afford to serve all of this Patients. The main point is, we need more, big, modern facility and pharmacy service at this so call Dispensary.

Hospital Berungis Tuaran
Yesterday, I went to Hospital Berungis,Tuaran to get treatment for my son and I feel so amaze with the new look at this Hospital. The new look is far more better than 2 years ago and more develop compare with Tamparuli Dispensary. Although I know the main purpose for this two Hospital is to serve the people but at least the government can transform and provide Tamparuli Dispensary to have same facility and equipment with Hospital Berungis Tuaran. My opinion and also the opinion of Tamparulian at least upgraded Tamparuli dispensary to become multipurpose Clinic/Dispensary. Hospital Berungis Tuaran is located before the roundabout to Turan and Tamparuli Town. The facility and services offered is Medical Check Up, treatment for minor Illness, Pharmacy, Counselling, Tooth treatment and many more and only being chargeable RM1 per treatment.The look inside of this Hospital is better now and I really proud with it. Keep up the good work and credit to Ministery of Health to provide such a wonderful services.This hospital was built more 12 years ago and every day it become more better than before.

The state government in Tamparuli and Tuaran should take more responsibility to provide the public more facility and upgrade the existing facility. The Level of health facilites in Tamparuli is still low compare with other district in Sabah. Although our YB is already pulling his strength 100% to make our life in Tamparuli better and to transform and following the same rhythm of NEM ( New Economic Model ) to achieve it target, we must help him by supporting him with new idea and opinion to make his work more easy. it up to him to measure our idea. There are many channel of media that we can write an article to support him. May Tamparuli become the fast and vast develop Town in the year 2020. Keep on Supporting him and God bless you all. Thanks

" Idea From The Public Is A Gold To The Nation "

Story: Harry George -
Sources: Own Observation and Experience
Picture: Ministries Of Health


Business Online (MoW2U.Com) , easy to conduct and easy to get money.

Hurray... another online business opportunity to Tamparulian. Whlie we are enjoy the day of Christmas and New Year 2011, here I present to the new way or style to get legal money through the internet. You need to have laptop, broadband and blog and ready to start your business by doing this This online business is really easy to conduct and no enterence fee. Good luck and click the button below to be directed to the official website. It is no harm to try this because it will be officially launch by Head of Utusan Malaysia, Head Secretary Ministry of Internal Affair of Malaysia and Head Of Director, Kementrian Penerangan Malaysia. hurry and click the button below and please register as soon as possible.

Pre Launching

Date: 22/12/2010
Venue: Ballroom B, seri Pasific Hotel Kl
Time: 8.00pm

" All are free "

See you there.. for those who can't com just join us by registering here " Register Online "

Story: Tampauli Admin
Pivture" MoW2U.Com

Wun Chiap Restaurant at Tamparuli

Wun Chiap Restaurant

Wun Chiap Restaurant.

Tamparuli is full with variety of restaurant that serve many types of foods. One of the best restaurant in Tamparuli Town is Wun Chiap Restaurant. This restaurant located beside Bank Simpanan Nasional and usually open from 6 O'clock in the morning till 7pm in the evening. Wun Chiap restaurant offer many types of food and more likely to Chinese cuisine. My favorite dish there is "Konomen" or fried mi. It really tasty and I hope your can visit this restaurant and enjoy the foods that being served there. Below is the related article from a friend of mine. Happy Reading.

February 15th, 2007

Note: Before I start, I should clarify that this restaurant is of the non-halal category. This mee Tuaran (fried mee) is the flagship product of this family run restaurant, located next to Bank Simpanan Nasional(BSN) Tamparuli. Most of the time the restaurant is packed. When I do manage to get a seat, I see most people would order this succulent fried mee. Nobody makes them better than Wun Chiap Restaurant, a business which has been running for as long as I can remember.

Frankly speaking, nobody else can cook up such a seeming simple meal better. “Konomen” there also among the very best I have ever tasted. They should get an award from the Ministry of Tourism. People would drive all the way from Kota Kinabalu just to eat here, then drive back. At no other restaurant in Tamparuli could you see people queuing up, at any day of the week.

I would go so far as to say apart from the bridge (which spawned the overplayed Jambatan Tamparuli) and the Wednesday tamu, Wun Chiap is the 3rd biggest attraction in this otherwise sleepy town, whose best days seem to be in the past when you had to go through it in order to reach Kota Belud and Kudat. And no, this is not a s***d post (that is apparently a dirty world nowadays), neither by the Wun Chiap family nor that American company whose name starts with a P.

This is merely a recommendation by a local who has been to quite a few restaurants around Malaysia and overseas.

Story: Harry George
Sources: Ben Godomon

Commit Suicide By Jumping From A Building


I was shock when I read the Daily Express newspaper this morning about a 27 years old women from Tamparuli trying to commit suicide by jumping from second floor of a residential apartment somewhere in Penampang. What happen to this lady? it is because of love or debt? I don't have any idea... You also don't have any idea. We have to teach our youngster to appreciate their life, The live given to them is from God almighty and only God can take your life.

With proper education, parents advice and mostly religion without looking weather Muslim or Non Musilm I think this thing will never happen. To Tamparulian please control your children and train them to become a good citizen and please..please take this article as an example to create a better world. Below is the details of the story.

Adapted from Daily Express, Friday 17/12/2010 Page 2.
Story by: Jimmy Goh

PENAMPANG: A Minor accident involving a fire brigade vehicle and a kancil proved a blessing in disguise as it diverted the attention of a 27-year-old women who was about to jump off the second floor of a residential building, at 9.15am, Thursday. The Tamparuli women, a student at a private college, was standing on the ledge of the building when an alert security guard summoned the police and fire and rescue department.Some residents tried to persuade the women from jumping but she ignored them. Just the fire brigade that arrived did a reverse and accidentally hit the Produa Kancil. This diverted the women's attention and the firefighters immediately grabbed her and pulled her into a room of the block. The women was then sent to Hospital Mesra at Bukit Padang for observation and treatment.

Writer: Harry George
Sources: Jimmy Goh, Daily Express - 17/12/2010
Picture: Google images

Human Capital and Business Development

Human Capital and Business Development

Seminar How to Develop Human Capital and Business Opportunity.

Recently I have attend a seminar organized by Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad ( PSMB ) officiate by Datuk Dr Yee Moh Chai the Minister of Pembangunan Sumber dan Kemajuan Teknologi Maklumat Sabah at Grand Ballroom 1Borneo Hotel, Kota Kinabalu Sabah(Date: 16/12/2010). There are four speaker which from the Government sector, SME's and International Corporations. Although I made this Tamparuli Sabah website is to focus on the current situation and issue about Tamparuli but I think this article should be shared among all the Tamparulian scatted around Malaysia. Hopefully this article can open the minds and give more idea to all the Tamparulian and the Sabahan that the Human Capital and Business Development is really Important to them. There is a huge number of participant and the Minister is really proud of it.

The first speaker is Mr Mehan a/l Manickiam, Deputy Cheif Executive ( Management ) Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad. He talk about " Human Capital Development Agenda In The New Economic Model....Challenges and Opportunities". I cannot write down all the speaker presentation but I will make it short by giving a summary from his presentation. In his presentation, our nation of Malaysia is implementing this new idea of developing the Human Capital to the limit so that we do not have to take labor from outside anymore, increase our gross income from RM1500 to RM4500 a month, Business Opportunities and to create a develop nation before 2020. He also said that he had a direct conference with our former Prime Minister Tun Mahatir discussing the vision 2020. Tun Mahatir said that we cannot achieve the vision 2020 as a develop country in 2020 but we can achieve it on the year 2030. Right now we are behind 10 years backward to achieve the vision 2020. We need to strengthen our effort to achieve and labelize as a develop country before this vision end. In order to do this, Mr Mehan said we need to follow the RMK10 or New Economic Model in the Malaysian Plan as a guideline and implement it accordingly from NKRA and KPI stated by our current Prime Minister Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak in his RMK 10. We need a vision, our family need to have a vision, The Organization must have a vision and The Nation really need a Vision. We need to change our nation and Tamparuli also need a vision to develop and contribute to the State of Sabah and Sabah need to show it contribution so that we are not being labelize by the outsider as a poor country in Malaysia.

As an opinion to the Tamparulian, we need to follow the Malaysian vision by strengthen our education, work skill and our mentality towards the government. We have our own belief, the way of thinking but it is not the right time to fight among each other yet. We need to be educated develop and rich in the country before we can make a drastic changes. If we are still fighting with each other? How can we develop? we cannot change the world in one day but we can change the way we look at the world in one day. Take responsibility but not keep on blaming, blaming is the sign of failure. Although many of the Tamparulian is getting better and better in their education level, the way of thinking and income but we still lake of development in our district and especially in our heart. Who am I to talk about it? but one thing for sure it really true. Our children need to be transform as an educated person and our family need to have high income so that we are not left behind from other people and the other district. People may make mistake, organization may make mistake and government may also make mistake. We can improve by making mistake, so don't worry to make mistake as long as we are in the right track. To have a good district we need to start from Ourselves, Family, Village, District and lastly State to Nation. I believe we can make a different and Tamparuli Boleh, Sabah Boleh and off course Malaysia Boleh.

You can print all the notes and the presentation by visiting http// one week from now on 20 December 2010. Hopefully it will mean a lot to all the guys out there. The remaining three speaker have their own presentation and hopefully you can seek it by yourself. Thanks for Reading.

" Don't Be A Victim But Be A Victor In Life "

Story by: Harry George
Sources: Own Idea
Picture: PSMB

One Month Without Beer

One Month Without Beer

Free From Alcohol For The Month Of Christmas.

Christmas is celebrated among the Tamparulian every year and it really enjoyable when we can meet our family member that we really miss once a year. Every Tamparulian have family around Sabah and I think that they only can gather together twice a year. Our big festival in Tamparuli is The Harvest Festival, Hari Raya, Chinese New Year and Christmas. Usually all the family from outside Tamparuli district will visit their family in Tamparuli during Christmas and Harvest Festival season. Usually during this festival many of the family member who visited Tamparuli will drinks a lot of beer and an advice for them don't drink too much if you planning to drive after you drink any type of alcohol.

Usually the supply for beer around Tamparuli will be short during festive season and you are advices to buy your stock before the festival day start. Actually we don't have to drink beer to enjoy the Festival season but I think it is up for the family here to decided. Why don't we stop drinking beer during this month? Huh it's only a joke but one thing for sure the supply for any type of beer at Tamparuli town will be less than normal month or day. Happy Holiday " God Bless Tamparuli and Malaysia "

" Don't Drink And Drive "

Story: Tamparuli Admin
Sources: Own Observation
Picture: Tiger Beer


Rave Of Tamparuli Sabah.

Undoubted Local Band From Tamparuli That Last Only One Year???

A local and alternative band from Tamparuli Sabah, comprise of six members. Originated from Tamparuli and come with different type of  music style. A famous band in Tamparuli and some even said it was a coating for Papier Mache. Rave Band leader is Mack Bod George and the other four member is Damian " Paling " Manson, Neo, Dennis " Den " Omin and Stepfano " Beng Beng " Durai. Study together, different age was only one year between them and different idea of music and style. Made their début performance at Cosmopoint College in March 2009 with their very best song call " Kau Pergi Juga " and " Bagai Bintang ". This two song was composed by Mack " Bod " George and music arrangement from Damian and Ezbon Patrick Godomon. The band can sing western style of music and Indonesian Music which really same with the genre of famous musical group there.

All of this guy already have their own life right now, some of them is working at Kuala Lumpur, some is studying and working in Sabah. They promise to came back again in the future with their new style of music. Mostly Tamparulian from St Philip and Tuaran youth love them so much. Many of my friends knew them very well and they keep on asking me if this band will produce their first single or not? I heard from my brother that they are not disperse this band but they want to be away for a little while to get more idea of music and imagination. Three of the group member was originated from Kg Kionsom Baru Tamparuli ( Bod, Beng Beng and Den ) and the rest from Tamparuli Town area. I likes their style of music so much and one of the best song that they produce and composed was contested at DBKK music contest last year ( 2009 ).

Hopefully Rave will appear again.... See you in the future.

" Bagai Bintang " Click to Watch Rave Video

Story: Harry George
Sources: Rave
Picture: Rave

Public Notice: Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University.Education Opportunity for Dusuns

I stumbled upon this flyers about Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University (KLMU) College several days ago when I was in Kudat. They offer many good courses ranging from Business Management, Information Technology Engeneering, Tourism and Hospitality, Computer Graphic Design, Media Studies, Health Science and Archetictures. 

According to the flyers a full PTPTN study loan will be arranged by KLMU for its students. It sounds good right?

I think this is a good opportunity to those who are interested to do their Diploma or Degree. The minimum requirement is SPM with 3 credits for Diploma subject to the respective  course requirements and STPM or Diploma for Degree level. Not all of our SPM and STPM leavers are able or elegible to secure the place to study in government funded universities or institutes, so this opportunity is certainly good for you.

KLMU is currently opening its door to enroll students this month November and December for new intake begining January 2010. I was made to understand that they will have their branch campus open soon here in Inanam, Sabah next year 2010. 

If you are interested their contact details is as follows:

Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University
Menara MAA, Level 4, No. 6 Lorong Api Api 1,
88850 Kota Kinabalu,
Tel: 088- 260991 / 019-7872599  (Tom - KLMU Sabah- Marketing Manager)
Fax: 088-250991

To those Dusun youths that are still looking for place to study, why don't you try out Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University. KLMU is headed by Royal Prof. Unku Aziz the only Royal Professor in Malaysia.

Adapted From:

Bukit Perahu

Bukit PerahuTamparuli Legend and Myth.

Tamparuli is rich with legend and myth. One of the famous myth  is " Bukit Perahu " which mean "Boat Hill" in English. It is a story of a huge rock shape like a boat located somewhere behind the "Bukit Perahu". If you want to search for it, it will never be found but you will found it accidentally if don't want to look for it. That was the old man told me years ago. Bukit Perahu was located behind the Buddhist Temple and at the brink of road to Kg Bawang, Tamparuli. This road also known as the old Ranau Road and if you follow this road, you will reach Kg Togop, Tamparuli and from there you will penetrate to Ranau main road.

Bukit Perahu
Bukit Perahu got it name because of the huge rock shape like a boat located somewhere behind that hill. I have been there several time but I never seen it. No body have ever found it but there was a story about it. It make me so confused about the story because there is no evidence about the existing of the so-call "huge rock shape like a boat" and no body were dare to find for it. My friend and I used to search for rubber seed behind the Buddhist Temple and because of  this, the worry old man told us about the myth to prevent us to coming back again and again to this hills. The hill was full with small tree and grasses during that day. Behind the hill, it was full with rubber tree and you may feel freaky when you went there. It will be a huge discovery if someone found it but there was a myth telling that if you found it you will be lost forever.

Bukit Perahu also used by the Roman Catholic adherent to celebrate the Stations Of the Cross every year. The Roman Catholic adherent were from St Philip Roman Catholic Church of Tamparuli. Bukit Perahu was namely by the Roman Catholic follower as St Veronica Hill and a big white cross was planted on top of the hill. It was majestic and wonderful view from the hill top, where you can see all the Tamparuli Town area. Pick up your camera and go for it. It open for public and make sure that your are really fit to make the climb. Bukit Perahu was also used by the Para-glider to do the Paragliding Extreme sport. Usually they will do this sport if the wind was strong enough to make it happen. Datuk Jahid Jahim have experience in doing this sport several years ago and I was there at the scene to watch it done. All the paragliders is welcome to join this sport. Tamparuli authority is strongly promoting this sport around the globe and this sport was aiming to be done twice a year. It will bring huge impact to Tamparuli town whereby a lot of visitor will come to this town to enjoy this game.

There are many different myth about this hill, you can search through the net or wikipedia to get more information about it. Whether it was a legend or myth it up to the reader to decide it. Mr Ben Godomon in his blog ( ) was also providing good story and picture about this hill. He start blogging about Tamparuli more than 5 years ago and a credit to him for his outstanding word, articles and picture of Tamparuli Sabah. Find more interesting story about Tamparuli through

" There Is More Here Than Meet The Eyes "

Other readable sources:

Story: Tamparuli Admin
Sources: Own Experiance

Tamu Tuaran Sabah

Tamu Tuaran Sabah

Tuaran Sabah

Tuaran located 10km from Tamparuli Sabah. The connection between this two town is just like brother and sister and as for your information Tamparuli is under the jurisdiction of Tuaran District. Tuaran is far more advance if compare with Tamparuli but this two town share the same concept of Social, Politic and Economy which I think will lead to vast development in the future. The Tamus is a brand for this two town, this town celebrate the same concept of Tamu but in a different day. Tamu Tuaran is held every Sunday and Tamu Tamparuli is held on every Wednesday morning. You will see all type of product and goods sell during this Tamu day.

Tamu Tuaran start early in the morning from 6.00am till 2.00pm. 50 years ago the local people from Tuaran area dominated in selling the necessity goods there. Among this people is the Bajau, whereby their are selling fish and many more to the Dusun Lotud People. The shop owner in Tuaran Town is Chinese and their selling the necessity product such as sugar and salt. During that years the barter system is a common business transaction, whereby people from other district gather together at the Tuaran Tamu to exchange their goods with other people coming from other district such as Ranau, Kota Belud and Kota Kinabalu. The Bajau and the Lotud people usually practice this business transaction. Nowadays people from all type of races is seen in doing the business activity there at every Sunday morning till noon. You can the Indian and Chinese selling their good, the Bajau selling fish, The Dusun Lotud selling vegetable and fruits and people from west coast and many more. What a view when you see all type of people there. The Tamu is really make all type of races united in Sabah.

Tuaran is located at the highway to Kota Belud, Kudat and Kota Marudu. During the occupation of Japanese Army in North Borneo, Tuaran Town was used as a Military Base for the Imperial army to fix the weapon, truck and many more war equipment there. Tuaran is a strategic town whereby it located at the main road where you can take an hour of rest before continuing your journey to Kudat or to Kota Kinabalu. Tuaran got a lot of interesting places and your can search at this blog to get more information.

" People are united under the same costume and heritage "

Story: Tamparuli Admin
Sources: Own Idea
Picture: Google Image.

SK Pekan Tamparuli Sabah

Primary School at Tamparuli Sabah.

SK Pekan Tamparuli located about 3km from Tamparuli Town and was the oldest government primary school at Tamparuli Sabah. Founded in the late 1950s and establish by the British Government in providing low level of education for the public of Tamparuli Sabah. SK Pekan Tamparuli is one of the best school in Sabah and ranked as " Gred A " school by the Ministry Of Education. Got more than 500 students and more then 40 teachers. All the student are coming from Kg Tamparuli, Kg Kionsom Baru, Pekan Tamparuli, Telibong, Kg Tambalugu and many more village in side the district of Tamparuli Sabah.

I still remember that I was there from 1985-1990 and the look of this primary school is totally different from those day. There is a huge number of my friends studying there and I still can remember that it was very nice memory while studying there. SK Pekan Tamparuli is near the Town of Tamparuli and it never left behind from the vast development of Tamparuli Sabah. Many of the famous people from Tamparuli such as Zykiel Leong the former Sabah State Football Player, Gilbert Jim Lajim the guitarist of Papier Mache and many more have once study there. During the time when I was studying there, I still remember that we are being trained in very strong discipline and how to become a good citizen by our teacher. My late auntie is a former headmistress there and she also very strict in doing her job in changing us to become so discipline and devoted to our education.

So grateful for this school, which turned me as a discipline and fully motivated person. When we enter primary level of education, we are being trained to set our ambition, goals and our objective in life and this task fall in the hand of a good teacher. A good teacher means, he/she can contributed to the society in term of education and social knowledge. For me is simple, all the teacher who once teached at SK Pekan Tamparuli is really good and they already done their very best in helping the student and the society here. There is so many best memory there and hopefully SK Pekan Tamparuli will remain the best school of Tamparuli Sabah. From my observation there are more than 60 primary school inside Tamparuli and we hope that as the citizen of Tamparuli this school should be in the same rhythm in term of development with SK Pekan Tamparuli Sabah. In changing Tamparuli district to become one of the develop district in Sabah, we must have good education, public transport, facilities and good leaders. Tamparuli have achieve it education goals and every citizen of Tamparuli is educated and full with modern knowledge and idea. The level of education in Tamparuli is becoming better and better and I hope that this will continue forever.

" Education Can Change Your Mind Set and Soul "

Details History Of Sk Pekan Tamparuli Sabah.

Other related blog for SK Pekan Tamparuli Sabah:

Thanks For Reading

Story: Tamparuli Admin
Sources: Tamparuli Admin
Picture: Google Images

Blog Victitms Advised To lodge Reports

Blog Victitms Advised To lodge Reports

Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Board ( MCMB )

Those who may have fallen victims to unethical Internet Blogger have advised to lodge a police report before seeking help from Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Board (MCMB) for further action.

The advised came from MCMB Sabah and Labuan Director, Bukhari Yahya who assured that action will be taken once a complaint is received including bringing those responsible to book based on information provided by the victims. Speaking to the reporter after launching the MCMB at Sandakan yesterday, he said that the board also welcome on-line complaints via its website Anyone who is find guilty of such wrongdoing can be charged under the MCMB Act 1998 which provides for a fine of up to RM50,000 or one year's jail, or both, on conviction. He also said that , court action had been taken against those who violated the act over the past year, adding the latest such cases involved a woman who lodge police report after she was told by her friends that her particular had been posted on the internet since October this year.

Story: Tamparuli Admin / MCMB
Sources: Daily Express/ SC Tam
Picture: Google Image.

Crossing Road at 1Borneo Hypermall

Be careful while crossing the road at 1Borneo and Alam Mesra.

1Borneo is one of the biggest shopping mall at Kota Kinabalu Sabah. If you travel from Tamparuli town to 1B, it only take about 40 minutes. There is a lot shop outlets and you can find almost everything there. This Hypermall is really busy with visitor during weekends and holidays season and from my experience it hard to find car parking there even though the management of 1B provide a lot of parking lot there. Many of the visitor will park their car at Alam Mesra which apparently across 1B Hypermall. This article is to remind the visitor to take a little bit of precaution while crossing the road because there is a lot of incident knocked by car. This year only there is more than 10 cases people being knocked down by car and most of them died on the spot. For visitor from Tamparuli, My advice is please go to 1B Hypermall during weekday so that you can easily find parking lot there.

Story: Tamparuli Admin
Sources: Daily Express
Picture: Google Image

Street Lamp For Safety

Street Lamp For Safety

Street Lamp from Roundabout Kg Berungis to Roundabout at Telekom Tamparuli.

Tamparuli Town is in a vast of development nowadays, many new building and other facility are being developed by the moving forward ambition YB Datuk Jahid Jahim as the key person for the said development. Tamparuli district is covered from roundabout Kg Berungis to Pekan Nabalu, some part in Tenghilan, Topokon and some part area to Kiulu Town. As the citizen of Tamparuli, we know that our YB is really showing his commitment to develop the town and his people. The road is looking better from time to time, rural area of Tamparuli is being developed and monitored directly from the YB itself.

Normally people is edger to get more and really hard to satisfy their need, there will always be a complain, suggestion and so forth coming from them. When I was sitting in coffee shop couple days ago, I heard some of the old folk of Tamparuli was talking about needing a Street Lamp from Roundabout Kg Berungis to the Roundabout near at the Telekom Building at Kg Tamparuli bring me an idea to write this forum to get attention from our beloved YB to consider this matter.

I think that this Street Lamp is really important same with the road and other necessity needed by the people.As a regular driver from Tamparuli to Kota Kinabalu and Kota Kinabalu to Tamparuli everyday I think that this street lamp is important to the driver and the pedistarian who regularly use it. Many cases such as hit and run, accident happen such as the driver hit a bufflo and apperently all of this accident happen at night. If you travel from KK to Tamparuli at night and it raining, huh it so dark and even your car lamp is cannot cover all your eyes sight. Even with the professional driver also can make mistake. The street lamp can make the people in alert situation and ready for unexpected accidents.

If you compared with other town like Tuaran, the street lamp is really important just like what people need like water and electricity. If you travel from roundabout Kg Raganan to Tuaran Town you will find it easly to travel because the Tuaran authority provide this services for the saftey of the people. Tamparuli town is also important if compare with Tuaran Town. Maybe someday Tamparuli will become a big city like Kota Kinabalu so this street lamp is really important for the public using the road.

Hope for these reason will lead something good for the people to be more concerned about their surrounding and be more alerted by any circumtances to be. This is the good for the user.

Story: Tamparuli Admin
Sources: Daily Express - Forum/ Not Yet Published
Picture: Google Image.

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