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Tamparuli Sabah - A place to visit

Tamparuli Sabah was known as an old town rich with cultural value and fascinating places. The town located in the middle of Tuaran District, 36KM from the main city of Kota Kinabalu, easy to be found and a lot of surprises waiting for the visitors. The visitor will be fascinated with The Extreme Para Gliding Sport, The legendary of “Bukit Perahu”, Hatob-hatob Waterfall, Hanging Bridge and The Old Suspension Bridge Made by the British in the early 50s, The one and only "The Upside House Of Borneo" and Chantek Borneo Gallery if you visit Tamparuli Sabah. ( Please read more inside this website). For local tourist who likes to travel outside Malaysia, you can e-mail to D7tours and Travel Co through For International tourist who wish to visit Sabah The Land Below The Wind, you can e-mail or call to our correspondent travel agency:

D7-TRAVEL AND TOURS-Registered Travel and Tours Co
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Price Of Product In Malaysia Increase 2010!!

Price Of Product In Malaysia Increase 2010!!

Malaysian Product Increase - People Income?

Couple week ago before Christmas Day, I was so frustrated when the price of goods/product such as vegetable, fish, meat and other grocery product increase without warning!!!. in Tamparuli market and grocery store affected by this situation. I felt disappointed when I wanted to buy things to celebrate Christmas and New Year! Why? I had ask one of the seller at the Vegetable Market in Tamparuli and she said to me that their distributor increase the price and they are force to increase their goods also because of that. The Distributor increase their supply because the increase of petrol and other product that relevant to their business. The Price of Petrol increase RM0.10 and I think that kind of increment is not giving any impact to their business. Although the price of Rubber and Sawit increase but we as servant of private or government sector did not have any drastic increment of our income yet. This not fair for us! who should be blame? Anyway this is only my expression from this situation... Hopefully the government can make solution to tackle this problem. The Ministary Of Consumer affair should take action to this "Blood Sucking" who like to increase the price of good without looking to the public situation. Stop Them.... To continue reading please read the article below adapted from Thanks

Title in Malay:-

Gelombang Kenaikan Harga Barang di Malaysia 2010 !!



If the British government chose to reduce the deficit in their country by cutting the wealth that being enjoyed by the British cabinet, the government of Malaysia have their own way. Think have thought, the government finally met at a mechanism to address them.

The Government of Malaysia was chosen to reduce the cost of subsidies because they can not bear it anymore. Malaysia Government said that, this is the best way to prevent leakages and the subsidies enjoyed by the affluent. The result from this situation is below ...

Petrol Prices Increase:

The government will raise the price of petrol at the rate of 10 cents for every liter, petrol price now is RM1.80 (RON 95). The Malaysian Government hopes that it will helps to reduce the budget deficit that will continue to increase petrol prices by 20 cents per liter in 2011. The same will happen two petrol prices by 20 cents per liter in 2012 and further increases in petrol prices will goes the same.

Toll Price Hike:

Discussions between the NSE and the LDP, which suggests that all concession agreements will continue without subsidy and this would mean that the rise in toll prices between 10-67 percent for 2010.

Gas Price Hike

Gas prices will rise until the RM3/MMBTU for every 6 months. The increase of gas prices every six months RM3/MMBTU to say according to the will berlkau increase the tariff rates of 1.6 cents / kWh (every six months) for non power sector and power sector.

Electricity Tariff Increase:

Approximately 56 percent of households would not be affected by this wave of cutting subsidies. For customers who use less than 200 kWh will not increase their charges. For consumers who have electric bills of RM20 and below will continue to get electricity for free until December 2010. In the same time strategic industries will be protected. Maximize profits by Microsoft

Sugar Price Increase:

Sugar prices would increase by 20 cents for each kilogram. The increase in sugar price will apply to every 6 months until the year 2012.

Flour Price Increase:

Meal prices will increase by 20 cents / kg in 2010 while the rate of increase of 25 sen per kg in 2011

Cooking Oil Price Increase:

The price of cooking oil will rise by 15 per cent for every kg of this year (2010) and 2011. After that the rate of increase in cooking oil is 5% until the year 2014.

This result is obtained after the government cut policy is carried out:
2010 - RM3 billion
2011 - RM14 billion
2012 - RM21 billion
2013 - RM29.5 billion
2014 - RM35 billion

Finally, the price of other goods will increase began in 2010 following the cutting of subsidies, this would allow the amount of national savings for a period of 5 years estimated at RM103 billion

Adapted from:
Story arrangement and modification: Harry George
Picture: Berita


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