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Tamparuli Sabah - A place to visit

Tamparuli Sabah was known as an old town rich with cultural value and fascinating places. The town located in the middle of Tuaran District, 36KM from the main city of Kota Kinabalu, easy to be found and a lot of surprises waiting for the visitors. The visitor will be fascinated with The Extreme Para Gliding Sport, The legendary of “Bukit Perahu”, Hatob-hatob Waterfall, Hanging Bridge and The Old Suspension Bridge Made by the British in the early 50s, The one and only "The Upside House Of Borneo" and Chantek Borneo Gallery if you visit Tamparuli Sabah. ( Please read more inside this website). For local tourist who likes to travel outside Malaysia, you can e-mail to D7tours and Travel Co through For International tourist who wish to visit Sabah The Land Below The Wind, you can e-mail or call to our correspondent travel agency:

D7-TRAVEL AND TOURS-Registered Travel and Tours Co
H/p: 016-8121702


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Harry George

Traditional Dance For The Kadazan and Dusuns

View The First Dance For The Newly-weds Of The KDM

Did you ever seen the Kadazan and Dusun dance? Wow.. how wonderful it can be if you can see it live!!  If you attend any wedding ceremony held by the Kadazan and Dusun weather in Tamparuli, Ranau, Penampang or any place in Sabah which consist a large number of Kadazan and Dusun people, you might got an experience doing it. Usually the dance is done during the Pesta Kaamatan or wedding ceremony. It is easy to be learned and everybody can master it within a minute. A good news for you guys out there.. please read more below to get more information about this dance. We as a Tamparulian must master our language, heritage and other thing related to our KadazanDusun culture so that it will not swallowed by time. This culture is important for our next generation and hopefully it will last forever... 

Most Sabahans may think they have seen it all - the Kadazan Sumazau dance. But what about a specific dance called Sumazau mingkung - the first dance together for newly weds?

That could be new for many attending the Sabah Fest 2011 cultural extravaganza on April 30 and 1 May, at the Sutera Harbour Magellan Grand Ballroom. For Kadazans of Penampang, the Sumazau Mingkung is a specific dance performed especially as a tribute to a newly-married couple.On wedding day, the groom heads for the bride's house in a procession with the bride-wealth (nopung) on hand.

On arrival, gongs beat and the nopung is taken from him, the bride appears at the entrance and the bobohizan (ritual specialist) uses a popodu - a bunch of five types of leaves to sprinkle water to perform a ritual called vokis, to bless the newly weds.After the blessing, the couple place a foot each on a round stone called pampang at the bottom of the stairs while the bobohizan symbolically holds the conical hats called seraung, over their heads.

The stone and the hats symbolize strong and lasting marriage while the hats represent shields to protect them from evil on wedding day and thereafter. After a few short mantras, the bobohizan would then enter the house. In the house, the couple performs their first Sumazau dance together as a married couple with the bobohizan and other elders surrounding them, performing that specific dance called Sumazau mingkung.

After that first dance, relatives and guests are invited to join in. This is the unique dance and ceremony the Sabah Fest audience will see on 30 April and 1 May.

Tickets are priced M30 and RM50.
Call Sabah Tourism , Gaya Street 6088-212121 or Sri Pelancongan Sabah , Sinsuran, 6088-232121.

P/s: Exact Picture for Sumazau Mingkung - Does not exist in the web

Story By: Harry George
Sources: Sabah Tourism and Daily Express
Picture: Sabah Tourism


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