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Tamparuli Sabah - A place to visit

Tamparuli Sabah was known as an old town rich with cultural value and fascinating places. The town located in the middle of Tuaran District, 36KM from the main city of Kota Kinabalu, easy to be found and a lot of surprises waiting for the visitors. The visitor will be fascinated with The Extreme Para Gliding Sport, The legendary of “Bukit Perahu”, Hatob-hatob Waterfall, Hanging Bridge and The Old Suspension Bridge Made by the British in the early 50s, The one and only "The Upside House Of Borneo" and Chantek Borneo Gallery if you visit Tamparuli Sabah. ( Please read more inside this website). For local tourist who likes to travel outside Malaysia, you can e-mail to D7tours and Travel Co through For International tourist who wish to visit Sabah The Land Below The Wind, you can e-mail or call to our correspondent travel agency:

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Harry George

Malaysia General Election 2012

The Prediction Result for Malaysia General Election 2012.  

Today I want to write about politic situation in Malaysia and Sabah itself. Forgive me if I wrote something bad and don't worry I will write as a naturalist writer "Not Baised". If we looked back 4 years ago (PRU12) or The Malaysia General Election 2008, the BN component party nearly lost to PKR or Pakatan Rakyat lead by the former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Most of the state in Pennisular Malaysia was changing hand to this so-called Pakatan Rakyat which comprise of Party Keadilan or Justice Party, DAP and PAS. Kedah, Pulau Penang, Kelantan, Selangor and Perak were lost to Pakatan Rakyat. One of the result that cannot be acceptable was in Selangor where Pakatan Rakyat won defeating the UMNO. From the result we can assume that the transformation of new political idealogical start at the very heart of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. The main reason was the BN leader mislook the power of choice from the Malaysian young generation. Luckily BN can establish government with the help from Sabah and Sarawak MP seat. What would happen if Sabah fell to PKR??? surely BN will loose. That was my assumption only.

What was happen back then was history to remember and need a long term analysis to reveal it. BN must act fast if they still wanted to control Malaysia! Do not forget the young generation. They were the big asset to develop our country. Recent analysis reveal that almost 1 million young generation have tertiary education but 4 Million young generation only get SPM and STPM. This two types of young generation bearer different types of mindset and way of thinking. The 4 million younger generation was so vulnerable to this so-called Pakatan Rakyat. They will be easily touched by the racist and the extremist political party.The Pakatan Rakyat make one step a head and the result was unbelievable. Usually only the strong can share their winning to the public. Although the PKR, DAP and PAS won most of the state in Peninsular of Malaysia but the end result was they cannot establish government because they did not have enough MP seat. Thanks again to the people of Sabah and Sarawak who support the BN leaderships. without Sabah and Sarawak supporter, no doubt that BN will lost in vast majority. So.. the ruling party, please take care for Sabah and Sarawak people.

Melaka and Negeri sembilan was also nearly lost to Pakatan Rakyat. What was the cause for all this sudden resul? Are the people not satisfied with the government leadership or they do not like the leader who like to give empty promises to the society. The leaders must pay for the mess that they create to the people. Among the popular leader lost was Datuk Khir Toyo and Datuk Seri Sharizat. Datuk Seri Sharizat was lost to Nurul Izzah Anwar daughter of the Parti Keadilan advisor. I heard rumors from a friend from Pennisular of Malaysia, next general election Melaka and Negeri Sembilan will fall on to Pakatan Rakyat and a revenge will be replies in Perak.

Let us look at the political scenario in Sabah. The people of Sabah is the big supporter/follower for Barisan Nasional and I think they will continue backing the BN leader if their needs being full fill by the Barisan Nasional. People in Sabah tends to become a die hard supporter  for BN because of the promises given by BN leader but if the YB still continuing give empty promises he will be expelled. If the people of Sabah change their tide and vote to PKR what would happen?. I was a die hard supporter for PBS - BN component party and will always follow the party until the end. If Sabah can stand alone in term of economic, education and politic, I think as a Sabahan, we can become independence, can manage our own state but still under the auspices of the DYMM Agong. There were so much mistake done by our leader in Sabah in the past. Let us decided which party will rule Malaysia and Sabah next year. God Bless Malaysia and Sabah.

Written By: Harry George
Picture: Google Image


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