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My Life My Story: Sabah Hawks nearly beat Harimau Malaya


On paper, Sabah Malaysia is not opposing the grand national team as the defending champion AFF Suzuki Cup 2010, as well as experienced battling with world-class team includes three famous English Premier League club, Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United.

Even in the last friendly matches against teams, the Super League champions thrashed Malaysia, Kelantan 5-0 in Kota Bahru.

Before the match, both teams held a press conference at Le Meridien Hotel, Kota Kinabalu Sabah captain Reithaudeen Embran (left) shaking hands with the national captain, Safiq Rahim.

This line of Sabah and Malaysia players in action on Stadium friendship Likas, Kota Kinabalu on the night of Friday, February 24, 2012. The match was witnessed by 25 thousand spectators to watch the national team.

This warm-ups before Malaysia Philippines met in Manila in an international friendly match on February 29, 2012 this.

But bear in mind that this is not the strongest line of Malaysia for coupling two venomous striker Safee Sali and Norshahrul Idlan Talaha missed.

Norshahrul never brought to Kota Kinabalu for injured while Safee Sali revealed only coach Datuk K. Rajagobal in minutes to 85 because of injury while training in the field of UMS, Kota Kinabalu yesterday afternoon.

Right winger from Labuan Sabah, Yakup Shaharudin also recorded its own history when he played for Malaysia for the first time, against his own teammates.!

Nonetheless, her think Malaysia will struggle to beat Sabah 1-0, Amar Rohidan scoring single to 79 minuted.

More than 25 thousand spectators did not expect opposition to Sabah to the national team players lined.

Once the referee blows the whistle Dance Sani, Malaysia and Sabah blue jersey red jersey of a response the attacks in this entertaining game.

Malaysia had to absorb crammed crammed for Sabah who dominated the game and do not less than 5 attempts dangerous shot to Malaysia which almost yielded a goal.

Malaysia looks somewhat lethargic in attack led Zaquan Adha and Manap Mamat, while the defense, often dibocori.

Coupling the two Sabah imported from Australia, Michael Baird and veteran striker Brendan Gan assisted Zainizam Marjan often mengkucar kacirkan defense of Malaysia.

Sabah play like possessed, very hard to overthrow Malaysia, is very different with its crippled when losing 0-2 to Sime Darby in the recent FA Cup action this.

Sabah is a great level of play once, such as Super League champions.

Unashamedly, tore line attack and defense kacirkan mengkucar Malaysia Sabah and the first line of defense before calmly absorb machinery crammed Malaysia.

In the first round, Brendan Gan scissors kick that barely make riding the nets Malaysia, while Shahrul Azhar clever lob shot that barely capture goalkeeper Malaysia, Farizal Marlias.

Overclock Marjan, Zainijam brother who had scored two goals when Malaysia lost 2-4 to England in 1991 were also present during the tournament.

Malaysia also steal minutes, including through trial Zaquan Adha close as early as the fourth minute and Abdul Manaf Mamat, but denied goalkeeper Syed Adney.

The first half ended without a network.

2 Sabah includes alto player Linus, is given a yellow card for players thrash Malaysia too.

At minute 60, Likas Stadium became excited when Malaysia Sabah shocked goal.

Goals from Michael Baird lorongan ball due to Rozaimi Mohd Abdul Rahman, Malaysia managed to bypass the wicket, but not counted because their hands Rozaimi referee.

Chains crammed behind the current Sabah, Malaysia sought goal finally produced as well as through trial Amar Rohidan that tertampan defense before beating goalkeeper Sabah Sabah replacement, Irwan Jamil.

In this game Datuk K Rajagobal only Saffee Sali venomous striker in minutes to 85 because of injury during training yesterday.

While the superstar goalie and glamor, Khairul Fahmi Che Mat is included in the minutes to 90.

Malaysia's performance is quite bland and had to work hard to achieve victory, raised questions as Sabah is not a team in Super League rankings chart.

As of February 14 last, Sabah only recorded two wins, four draws and 2 defeats in the Super League, scoring eight goals and conceded eight goals as well. Sabah scorer is Michael Baird with 3 goals.

Regardless of Datuk K Rajagobal, Sabah squeezed his players played well and fatigue.

"There is little fatigue pemain2 not play like what I hope to move the ball up quickly, we are not very aggressive I understand. This is not, fortunately this is not an international match, this will make after we have gathered a momentum we need for a friendly match 1-2 A new camp his momentum. " he said.

He added that he commended the Sabah team competition challenges and adventures that delight the audience in attendance. He said fans can see the real strength of Sabah Malaysia if the coupling Safee Sali and Norshahrul Idlan Talaha down.

According to K Rajagobal other Sabah players played well and Usually players will play with full state if committed against the national team.

For Sabah coach, Justin Ganai, this is the best match Sabah this year.

"I was so overwhelmed with what has been giving presentations pemain2 KPD opposition national team, I know this game viewed in a national player he does not play 100% I know, but what has been a player I did not ask more than that because they have played the best"

According to Justin again "I would stress to the players because we assume that all the team is the strongest I, so I can look at a team's weakness, if we play this announcement during the opponent's Sime Darby, I thought I lost with Sime Darby." he refers to the defeat of Sabah in the FA Cup last week to the Sime Darby.

Welldone to Sabah and Malaysia.


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