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Tamparuli Sabah - A place to visit

Tamparuli Sabah was known as an old town rich with cultural value and fascinating places. The town located in the middle of Tuaran District, 36KM from the main city of Kota Kinabalu, easy to be found and a lot of surprises waiting for the visitors. The visitor will be fascinated with The Extreme Para Gliding Sport, The legendary of “Bukit Perahu”, Hatob-hatob Waterfall, Hanging Bridge and The Old Suspension Bridge Made by the British in the early 50s, The one and only "The Upside House Of Borneo" and Chantek Borneo Gallery if you visit Tamparuli Sabah. ( Please read more inside this website). For local tourist who likes to travel outside Malaysia, you can e-mail to D7tours and Travel Co through For International tourist who wish to visit Sabah The Land Below The Wind, you can e-mail or call to our correspondent travel agency:

D7-TRAVEL AND TOURS-Registered Travel and Tours Co
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Harry George

KDM community split long before KDM M'sia

Sabah Star Chairman Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan is barking at the wrong tree in accusing KDM Malaysia of causing disunity among the Kadazandusun Murut community, said its President Datuk John Ambrose.

"What is there to split when the community was split long ago even before KDM Malaysia was formed last year. KDMs can be found in almost all the political parties such as Umno, PBS, Upko, PBRS as well as SAPP, Star, DAP and PKR, among others.

"I also believe they are KDMs or Sino-natives with Chinese surnames in parties like Gerakan and MCA," said Ambrose.

He said Jeffrey himself led the KDM community astray when he dumped PBS to form PBRS, before dumping it to join Akar, then dumping Akar, then dumping PKR and now Star.

"Jeffrey should know that his action inadvertently caused disunity among the KDMs throughout the years. Accusing KDM Malaysia of causing disunity among the KDMs is just a ploy to cover his weakness in politics," he said.

Ambrose said KDM Malaysia was formed as a Barisan Nasional-friendly NGO mainly to assist the KDM community, irrespective of their political inclination.

"We would have register ourselves as a political party if we have any intention to spilt the KDMs. But that was not our objective.

Our aim was to assist our community, especially the poor and those in the interior, in all aspects so as to improve their standing in society.

"I am a through and through an Umno man and as long as I'm the KDM Malaysia President, I will ensure that it support the BN.

"Today, KDM Malaysia can proudly claim that its members are from both the political divide but are able to work side by side for the benefit of the KDM community," he said.

Ambrose said hopefully KDM Malaysia will be able to unite the community, irrespective of which component parties they are from one day and become one big family.

Ambrose, who is also Penampang Umno Chief, said although he is an Umno leader and majority of KDM Malaysia leaders are from Umno, he never imposed upon its members who are from opposition to join Umno.

"If they realise that the opposition could not do much to assist the people and wanted to join Umno, we welcome them with open arms.

Otherwise they can remain where they wanted to be," he said.

Ambrose said since the establishment of KDM Malaysia, it has helped get PPRT houses for the hardcore poor, give education aid to poor rural students as well as organise activities to assist youngsters from staying away from social ills.

"Most of these recipients are BN or opposition supporters.

But we don't mind as our main objective is to assist them and not exploit them. So to accuse us of splitting them is grossly unfair and uncalled for," he said.

Ambrose said although KDM Malaysia was set up with the aim of helping the KDMs, it also did not shy away from helping other communities.

"There are cases where we came across people from other communities which needed help and we do not turn a blind eye in the spirit of 1Malaysia and we are glad that KDM Malaysia was able to assist them," he said.

Ambrose said KDM Malaysia will seriously look into the social ills problems bought up by KDM Malaysia Vice President Datuk Peter Anthony.

Peter had said many KDMs are involved in drugs and prostitution and that KDM Malaysia will be visiting the Klang Valley to see what it can do to assist them.

Ambrose said: "Drugs and prostitution are problems faced by every community in the world but KDM Malaysia do not want to see the KDMs fall into such trap.

"Hopefully, we can do our part and assist them," he said.

Meanwhile, Ambrose and KDM Malaysia Deputy President Datuk Rubin Balang urged KDM Malaysia leaders to stay united and be fully supportive of Prime Minister Datuk Najib Tun Razak, Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Hj Aman as well as Presidents of all BN component parties and senior Umno leaders.

"Only with such unity will BN win the next election with a big mandate," he said, adding that BN component leaders, including KDM Malaysia leaders, should exercise caution when making statements so as not to hurt the chances of BN in the next election.

"Any grouses should be brought to the authorities concerned to be solved," he said, adding that BN component leaders should go to the grassroots, like what KDM Malaysia is doing, to listen to the people's problems and assist them.

Meanwhile, Ambrose expressed disappointment over a report in a national daily regarding Peter, who was reportedly being investigated by the MACC over a Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) contract.

"Peter has cleared the issue in his press conference and I hoped the issue will be put to rest."

Ambrose said the national daily should have checked the facts, instead of relying on sources.

"It is most unfair to Peter as the damage have been done and the national daily owes him a clarification.

"Peter is my Vice President as well as Treasurer and I was in regular contact with him over KDM Malaysia's programme and at no time did he run away." Daily Express Sabah


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